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Thomas Schildgen

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Emeritus Professor
Emeritus Professor

Emeritus Professor Thomas E. Schildgen is the past president of the University Senate and past chair of the University Academic Council. He is also the past chairman for the Department of Technology Management at Arizona State University, an administrative position he held for 15 years. He has been a professor of graphic information technology for the last 35 years at ASU. He served four years on the faculty of Illinois State University prior to joining ASU. Schildgen was chair of the Academic Chairs and Directors Council at ASU. He is the past president of the University Club Advisory Board. He has served on the NAIT Board of Accreditation, and he has just completed his second term as president of the ACCGC Board of Accreditation.

Schildgen is a national and international consultant for Educational Development, Industrial Training and the Graphic Arts Industry. He has done work for companies such as Quad Graphics, Treasure Chest Advertising, and Mannington Resilient Floors. Schildgen authored a book entitled "Pocket Guide to Color with Digital Applications" and has numerous chapters in books, and articles in educational and industry journals. He has coordinated several World Bank-funded projects with the Republic of Turkey. He has worked with the U.S. Department of Defense Dependent Schools in Germany, and has hosted an industry tour group of South Korean CEO’s. He has many different funded grants or sponsored projects. Schildgen has been involved in a curriculum for pollution prevention for the printing industry with the EPA. He was inducted into the Soderstrom Society and the Golden Cylinder Society which represent national leadership in the graphics industry. Schildgen’s current research agenda focuses on electron microscopy for quality control of new developmental diodes used in printing new sources of illumination to replace the Edison bulb and mercury fluorescent tubes.

  • Ed.D. Administration, Northern Arizona University 1987
  • M.S. Technology, Illinois State University 1980
  •  B.S. Ind. Education, Illinois State University 1977
Research Interests: 

Focused Ion Beam/Scanning Electron Microscopy-Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Inks for Printed Electronics, Industrial Training, Printing, Production Management

Research Activity: 
Summer 2018
Course NumberCourse Title
GIT 335Computer Systems Technology
GIT 480Senior Project
Spring 2018
Course NumberCourse Title
GIT 333Printing Technology
GIT 480Senior Project
GIT 500Research Methods
GIT 538Personnel Dev/Graphic Industry
GIT 593Applied Project
GIT 595Continuing Registration
Fall 2017
Course NumberCourse Title
GIT 437Color Reproduction Systems
GIT 480Senior Project
GIT 500Research Methods
GIT 538Personnel Dev/Graphic Industry
GIT 573Color Metrology
GIT 592Research
GIT 593Applied Project
GIT 595Continuing Registration
GIT 599Thesis
Honors / Awards: 

In 2006 was one of eight national industry leaders inducted into the Soderstrom Society, a honor society of the National Printing Leadership Association. In 2012 Dr. Schildgen was inducted into the Golden Cylinder Society of the Gravure Printing industry. He is the recipient of the 2005 Illinois State University Department of Technology Distinguished Alumni Award, and he will be inducted into the Illinois State University 2015 College of Applied Science and Technology Hall of Fame. He is the recipient of the 2013 Fred Hartman Award, which is National Award of Recognition presented by the International Graphic Arts Education Association, and in 2015 Dr. Schildgen received the Fredrick D. Kagy Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Graphic Communications Education Association.


Editor of the Visual Communications Journal 2002 and member of Review Board 2001-2017 




Professional Associations: 

Member of Review Board for the Journal of Visual Communications, IGAEA – 2014-16

              American Society for Engineering Education

              Accreditation Council of the Collegiate Graphic Communications – 2002-2017 - Current President

Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE) Journal Review Board (2009 – 2014)

              National Association of Industrial Technology - Journal Review Board 1992-2009

                           Serve on Accreditation Board

              Association for Graphic Arts Training

                           1990 Conference Chairman

                           1993 Treasurer

              Graphic Arts Technical Foundation

              International Graphic Arts Education Association

                           2015 – Journal Review Board

                           Past Regional Vice President, Past Newsletter Editor

                           1992 Conference Host

                           1992 Visual Communications Journal Editor

              Council on Technology Teacher Education

              American Council on Industrial Arts Teacher Education - Past Editor - 1984

              In-Plant Printing Management Association

              Phoenix Club of Printing House Craftsmen - Board Member/Officer

              Graphic Arts Teachers Association of Illinois - Past President - 1979

              Central Illinois Club of Printing House Craftsmen - Past President - 1979, Past Bulletin Editor

              Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association


Graduate Faculties / Mentoring History: 


Chair for over 106 Master of Technology candidates from 1984 to 2017.

Sample listing of Research Practicum or Projects and Thesis


Chair - Nicole A. Cassis – Master of Science in Technology - Defining Elements of a Strategic Social Media/New Media Plan for the School of Earth and Space Exploration –December 2011

Chair - Anna Glenn – Master of Science in Technology -  Establishing a Sustainable Framework of Social Giving to Mesa United Way’s Partner Agencies Through New Media Technologies and On-line Communities – October 2011

Chair – Merle E. McKinnon – Master of Technology – Educator Perception and Support of Continuous Improvement Management Philosophy in Public Education – August 1996

Chair - Steven Zanko - Master of Technology - Customer Acceptance Concerning Gray Component Replacement Within Color Separations For Heatset, Web-Offset Publication Printing - May 1991

Chair - Captain David Pride, U.S. Army - Master of Technology

              Technological  Alternatives to the Direct Fire Fratricide Problem - August 1989

Chair - Douglas Gasser - Master of Technology - Needs Assessment for the Development of Supervisory Training for Management in the Gravure Printing Industry  - May 1989

Chair - Erwin Springmann - Master of Technology - Factors and Procedures Regarding the Acquisition of European Equipment for the Gravure Publication Industry- December 1989


Committee – Thomas Tyberg – Dissertation – Learning Style Preferences Among Manufacturing Industry Employees: A Generational and Socioeconomic Inquiry, Capella University May 2012

Committee – Kathryn Fischer – Dissertation leading to Ph.D. in Education, The Effect of Varying text in Computer-Based Training for Adults in the Work Place, May 2003

Co-Chair - Douglas Nelson - Dissertation leading to Ph.D. in  Education, Differences in Programs for Special Needs Learners in Alberta, Canada. December 1990.

Committee - Chris Everett - Dissertation leading to Ph.D. in Education

Committee - Michael Karian - Dissertation leading to Ph.D. in Education

Work History: 

Academic Experience

2010-2017                        Arizona State University, Professor

2013-2014                        President of the University Senate and Chair of the University Academic Council

1997-2010                        Arizona State University, Department Chair/Professor

1995-1996                        Arizona State University, Department Coordinator/Professor

1993-1998                        Arizona State University, Professor

1992-1993                        Arizona State University, Professor / Coordinator of Graphic Communications

1987-1992                        Arizona State University, Associate Professor / Coordinator of Graphic Communications

1986-1987                        Arizona State University, Associate Professor

1981-1986                        Arizona State University, Assistant Professor

1980                                 Illinois State University, Coordinator of Graphic Communications

1977-1979                        Illinois State University, Faculty in Graphic Arts


Industrial Experience

2012-2013                        Nth Degree Technologies

2008-2009                        Consulting – Purdue University

1995-2003                        EDIT - Educational Development and Industrial Training - Consulting

1991-1993                        World Class Associates - Educational Consultant

1989-1991                        D & S Associates, President (Industry Consultants)

1977-1980                        Illinois State University, Printing Services - Production Support/Supervision

1975-1979                        B&W Graphics, Prepress and Press Departments (Summers)

1973-1977                        Illinois State University - Pressmen (Part-time)

1974-1975                        Allstate Insurance Company, Pressmen (Summers)

1973                                 Douglas Printing Company



Board of Directors of the Accreditation Council for the Graphic Communications 1999-2016, President of the ACCGC 2015-2017 and 2011-2013, Past Chair of Accreditation Committee. Served on Accreditation Site Teams - Pittsburgh, PA

Accreditation Board Member for the National Association of Industrial Technology – Ann Arbor, Michigan, Served on Accreditation Teams 2002-2006

Chair – Design and Multimedia Industry Advisory Board for the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) - Mesa, AZ

Chair – Industry Advisory Board for the Canyon State Academy (Graphic Communications) - Mesa, AZ

Member - Board of Directors of the Association for Graphic Arts Training, Rochester, New York, 1990-1999, Treasurer 1993/2001.

Member – Industry Advisory Board for Metro Tech, Phoenix High School District Vocational Center,


Member of the National Education Committee for the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation, Pittsburg, PA, 1989-1999.

Responsible for one of seven National Gravure Resource Centers in the United States, Gravure Education Foundation, New York, NY, 1983-2012.

Member - Board of Directors of the Graphic Arts Sales Foundation, Philadelphia, PA, 1990-1991.

University Director for Region V of the National Association of Industrial Technology, 1990-1991.

Archives Committee and the Conference Site Planning Committee (Chair) for the International Graphic Arts Education Association


Executive Board of Mesa United Way – Chair of Board 2008-2010 – Currently Past Chair of the Board and Chair of the Education Allocation Committee 1998-2017

Mesa Rotary Club 2008-2017

                         Mesa Community College – President’s Commission on Excellence in Education 2012-201                                                                    Appointed Commission Chair 2015-2017

          Mesa Community College – Red Mountain Campus Community Advisory Board 2008-2014

          East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) Industry Advisory Board, Mesa, AZ-2002-2016 Past Chair

              Phoenix College Graphic Art Department Advisory Board 2004-2012

          Valley Big Brothers - assigned to two boys during a period of 2 1/2 years, 1984-1986