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Sarah Diaz

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Grad Research Assistant
Graduate Assistant/Associate, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 5411
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Graduate Student
Learning, Literacies and Technologies
MaryLouFulton Teachers College


Sarah L. Alvarado Diaz is a fourth-year doctoral student in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers’ College, Learning, Literacies and Technologies doctoral program at Arizona State University. Sarah has been awarded a fellowship from the Office of Special Education Programs titled, Evidence-Based interventions in High-Need Schools: An Interdisciplinary Program to Prepare Special Education Faculty. Sarah is working under the direction of Dr. Alfredo J. Artiles.

Sarah is an Arizona native and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Bilingual Elementary Education from Arizona State University in 1998, and a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Northern Arizona University in 2004. She worked as an elementary school teacher in a public elementary school in Phoenix for 16 years prior to returning to Arizona State University to pursue a doctoral degree .

Research Interests

Understanding the precursors to placement in special education (high incident disabilities) of culturally and linguistically diverse learners; how they connect with learning and classroom interactions and teacher decisions; and the connections to educational reform efforts (e.g., standards, high-stakes testing, zero tolerance)

Understanding and improving educational opportunities for culturally and linguistically diverse learners with or at-risk for learning disabilities by using a dynamic conceptualization of the role of culture (as situated within cultural, historical, and social contexts) 


Spring 2017
Course NumberCourse Title
SPE 317Spec Educ for Cultura/Linguist