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Christine Lewis

Graduate Research Assistant
Graduate Assistant/Associate,
Graduate Research Assistant
Graduate Assistant/Associate,
Graduate Research Assistant
Graduate Assistant/Associate,
Student Information:
Graduate Student
The College of Lib Arts & Sci


As a PhD candidate at the Biodesign Institute in the School of Molecular Sciences, I study how to interface electricity with the photosynthetic electron transport chain. We are studying how energy flows to learn how to make it more efficient. Currently, photo biomass renewables are not attractive renewables because the production rates cannot keep up with consumption rates at an affordable price point. Our goal is to use our innovation and data to learn how to change this. The largest challenge in this work is that when you are studying energy flow, you are studying subatomic particles--and, they are so, so tiny! The most meaningful part of my work is knowing that I am working on solutions for a real world challenge. If we can make photosynthesis more efficient, we could produce in line with energy consumption then the impact to society will be huge. Photo biomass renewables are versatile for both electricity and for fuel. Not only is this project innovative but it is also contributing to our fundamental understanding of photosynthesis.

Research Interests: 

Ph.D. candidate in chemistry with over fifteen years of interdisciplinary experience. Student government representative and acting GPSA chair of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. GPSA member of External Affairs, Professional Development, COVID19, and Innovation committees. Science policy advocacy. Innovation in green energy research. Research in small molecule delivery of electrons and photobioreactor design and efficiency. Academic curriculum development, mentorship, and leadership. Practiced in analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, organic chemistry, flow cytometry, spectroscopy, biochemistry, engineering, and microbiology. Proven ability to work with interdisciplinary teams, public speaking and diplomacy.

Research Group: 

Fromme lab at the ASU Biodesign Institute Center for Applied Structural Discovery

Rittmann lab at the ASU Biodesign Institure Swette Center for Enviromental Biotechnology

Torres lab at the ASU Biodesign Institure Swette Center for Enviromental Biotechnology


*Lewis, C. M.; Flory, J. D.; Moore, T. A.; Moore, A. L.; Rittmann, B. E.; Vermaas, W. F. J.; Torres, C. I.; Petra Fromme, Electrochemically driven photosynthetic electron transport in cyanobacteria lacking photosystem II.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2022,1-9. DOI: 10.1021/jacs1c09291

Research Activity: 

Organic Chemistry: synthesis, rational design Microbiology: culturing pure-cell culture, assays, Western blot, Biochemistry: flow cytometry, Joliot-type spectroscopy, microscopy, Electrochemistry: cyclic voltammetry, chronoamperometry, photochemistry, electron-transport studies, Engineering: anaerobic bio-electro reactor design, light delivery applications, constructing electrochemical wired system, reactor lamp construction Communication Teaching: Proficient in blackboard/Canvas or Web design for online teaching/communication, word, excel and one-note, data Analysis with Origin Pro, can do some simplistic coding Working skills: organized, speak moderate Spanish (not a native speaker), skilled at public speaking and science teaching outreach, and policy


Teaching Chemistry/Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • ASU School of Molecular Sciences --TA, CHM 113: Chemistry I, CHM116: Chemistry II
  • Phoenix College Adjunct Faculty--CHM250: organic chemistry, CHM 138: Bio/Org/Gen Chemistry, CHM101: Chemistry, BCH205, Biochemistry, CHM150: chemistry I, CHM151: Chemistry II
  • ASU School of Molecular Sciences 2002-2006--TA Instructor, CHM 238: Organic Chemistry, CHM101, CHM150, CHM151

Presentations on Research 

  • Oral Presentation, North American International Society of Electrochemical Microbes (Best Oral PresentationAward, November 2021
  • Poster Exhibit, 2021 Intl. Symposium on Bioelectrochem. and Bioenergetics of the Bioelectrochemical Society
  • Poster Exhibit, 2021 Eastern Regional Photosynthesis Conference—dynamic of electron flow (Best Poster Award)
  • Poster Exhibit, 2019, Nature Conference on Functional Dynamics—Visualizing Molecules in Action (Energy award)
  • Research and Oral Flash talk 2019, Nature Conference on Functional Dynamics—Visualizing Molecules in Action
  • Research Poster and Oral Presentation, 2019, presented to 200 experts at Gordon Research Conference
  • Poster Exhibit, 2019, Gordon Research Conference on Photosynthesis (won award)
  • Poster Exhibit, 2019, presented research for Arizona Biophest Conference with 50 peers
  • Research and Oral Presentation for lightning talk Competition (Fusion), 2018, presented in front of 300 peers/experts
  • Poster Exhibit, 2018, presented research for Intl. Photosynthesis Conference for 200 peers
Honors / Awards: 
  • North American International Society of Electrochemical Microbes Conference Best Oral Presentation Award,November 2021
  • Eastern Regional Photosynthetic Conference Best Poster Award, April 2021
  • ASU GPSA 2020-2021 Assembly person of the year, April 2021z
  • ASU GPSA College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Committee member of the year, April 2021
  • ASU GPSA Omnibudsman Award, April 2021
  • ASU GPSA Innovation Fellowship Award, Feb 2021
  • ASU Badass Woman Nominee, March 2021
  • Semi-finalist for Fulbright National Geographic research fellowship, April 2020
  • ASU GPSA External Affairs award 2020
  • Nature Conference Energy Award, Nov 2019
  • Our Military Veteran Scholarship, June 2019
  • Outreach Scholarship, 2019, School of Natural Sciences Outreach
  • Photosynthesis Gordon Research Conference Presenter Award, Aug 2019
  • Travel Grant Awards, 2018-2019, International and Western Photosynthesis Conference
  • Madame Curie Award for Best in Chemistry, 2018, Fusion Biodesign Institute
  • Outreach Scholarship, 2018, CLAS
  • University Graduate Fellowship, 2016-2019, ASU SMS
  • Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award 2012
  • Humanitarian Service Medal
  • Peer Reviewer for Joule, 2021
  • Peer Reviewer for GPSA research awards, 2019-2021
Professional Associations: 
  • American Chemical Society, 2022-present
  • Bioelectrochemical Society, 2020-present
  • Internation Society for Microbial Electrochemistry and Technology, 2020-present
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)-2021-present
Graduate Faculties / Mentoring History: 


  • Anna Mangus, 2019-2021, The effect of carbon source on electron delivery into the PETC Honors thesis and Fellowship project PI
  • CoPI and mentor for ASU FURI Undergraduate Fellowship, Aug 2019
  • GPSA assembly mentor 2019-2021
  • Juong Dang, 2019, Pure culture cultivation in algae and cyanobacteria
  • Jennifer Lewis, 2018, Science grant writing
  • Aaron Bozukluoglu, 2018, Understanding organic chemistry and microbiological basics
  • Rashad Saleh, 2016-2018, Cyanobacterial growth rate analysis and dry cell biomass analysis
  • Michael Moran, 2016-2017, Microbial electro photo bioreactor builds and live cell growth rates
  • Corey Anders, 2016-2017, Microbiology and spectroscopy analysis of cyanobacterial glycogen content
  • Nolan Piper, 2016-2107, Microbial electro photo bioreactor build
  • Richard Thomas, 2016-2017, Design and build of anaerobic electro fuel cells
  • Matt Goode, 2016-2017, Cyanobacterial culture preparations for electro photo bioreactors
Work History: 
  • Graduate Student Researcher, ASU SMS & Biodesign Institute CASD, Tempe, Az.--Organic chemistry, biochemistry, electrochemistry, bioreactor design, taught chemistry, several science outreach programs
  • Science writer, ASU Biodesign Institute Communications, Tempe, Az. --All topics of science articles about the science completed at the Institute, public relations and media work
  • Adjunct Faculty Phoenix College, Phoenix, Az. --Instruction in levels of general chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, proficient in overlap courses that deal with medical fields, microbiology and biology, online and in-person formats
  • High level Academic Tutoring Ed’s Logic (Owner), Phoenix, Az.--Tutored: science courses, college preparation, homework support/mentoring, math, chemistry, physics, biology, organic chemistry, biochemistry, AP classes, literature, English, history, and college entrance exams
  • Master’s Student Researcher, ASU SMS, Tempe, Az. --Completed: organic chemistry studies and assay analysis, synthetic organic chemistry/synthesizing potential cancer drugs, DNA oxidative damage research for the benefit of cancer, photochemistry
  • Teaching assistant: ASU Tempe, Az. chemistry, and organic chemistry, proficient on blackboard online program,
  • Spanish interrogator/linguist US Army Psychological Operation Unit 1st Battalion--Stationed at Ft Bragg, NC, Graduate of Basic training in Fort Dix, NJ, Spanish language training at the Defense Language Institute at Presidio of Monterey, CA, interrogator training located at the US Army intelligence location, Ft Huachuca, Az. Joint Task Force operation, language immersion course in Antigua, Guatemala , US Army Paratrooper Jump School in Ft Binning, Georgia, managed media and education Haitians during the Haitian refugee crises Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Bolivian Embassy work in La Paz, Bolivia, Taught PR for Bolivian government in the area of cocaine drug trafficking/coca farms

​Outreach to the community

  • STEM outreach, 2022, presentation at the Barret-Jackson Car Auction with STEMfest
  • ASU College Portal, 2021, online outreach portal innovation
  • GPSA: Covid-19 committee, CLAS chair, 2021
  • Professional Development Award Reviewer, 2019-2021
  • GPSA ASU LAD, 2020, online advocacy with legislature for higher education issues
  • Mind Full of Brilliance Website and Social media platform, 2020-2021 founder for educational resources
  • NAGPS LAD, 2019, in Washington D.C attendance for advocacy with legislature
  • Zoom in on science outreach, 2017-2019, lead developer and instructor
  • ASU Open Door Science Lead, 2016-2019, Exhibiting Molecular Machines
  • GPSA, 2019, student government representative "At Large", ext. affairs
  • GPSA, 2019, student government assembly member
  • GPSA, 2019, student government committee member external affairs and CLAS
  • Science writing outreach (Biodesign Communications), 2019, science articles
  • Scientific art performance, 2018-2019, Seeing Science, “The Dance of the Electron"
  • Veteran & Family advocacy board, GPSA, 2018, 
  • Arizona Science Policy Network, 2018-2020, Arizona Science Day and policy outreach
  • Science Olympiad, 2018-2019, Chemistry Event Lead•Chief Science Officer , 2017-2018, panel presenter for high school students•Book Drive for Phoenix Children’s Hospital library 2012
  • Science Outreach, 2003-2005, Presenter at 4-6th grade school on science experiments
  • Chemistry student council newsletter editor 2005