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Anna Rosa Lampis

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Sch Elect Comptr & Energy Engr
University Staff, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 5706

Dr. Anna Rosa Lampis is the Deputy Director for the Power Systems Electrical Research Center (PSERC), a collaboration between 12 universities and 30 industries (

She earned a B.S., magna cum laude, in Physics from Cagliari University in Italy and holds a Ph.D. and a M.S. degree in Physics from Michigan State University. During her graduate studies she worked on research projects at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermi Lab) in Urbana, Illinois and at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL) in East Lansing, Michigan.

Dr. Lampis brings over twenty-five years of experience in higher education, managing large research projects, working with scientists, engineers, industries and university administrations.  She also makes time to teach and develop STEM educational programs.

Research Management

For ten years, Anna Rosa worked at the University of Arizona Steward’s Observatory/Astronomy Department where she managed the Large Binocular Telescope project, a $120M international collaboration to design and build one the world’s largest optical/ infrared telescopes on top of Mt. Graham in South Eastern Arizona.  She also participated in the management of a handful of other telescope projects located around the world.  Some as close as the Multiple Mirror Telescope (MMT) on Mount Hopkins and the Wisconsin-Indiana-Yale-NOAO (WIYN) on Kitt Peak, both in Southern Arizona. Others, like the Magellan telescope, as far away as Chile.

In 2006, at Arizona State University, Anna Rosa helped establish the School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE) and create new educational degree programs with a focus on transdisciplinary learning for future generations of explorers. The endeavor brought together planetary scientists, astronomers, and engineers to achieve a better understanding of our planet, its solar system, and the universe.

Teaching and Outreach

When time permits, Dr. Lampis enjoys spending time in the classroom teaching a variety of subjects such as math, physics, and technology. She has taught at the University level, organized faculty development programs, and created science and literacy classes for minority retention.

In 2008, at Arizona State University, Anna Rosa created the Math & Science Program in the Office of Youth Preparation under the umbrella of the Vice President for Educational Partnerships.  The program worked with Arizona students, teachers & administrators to create engaging curriculum and professional development workshops.  She worked collaboratively with various outreach departments & programs inside the University, external corporations, and community organizations.

At Phoenix College Dr. Lampis created a STEM Program to retain and increase, through peer and faculty mentoring, the number of students interested in STEM pathways. The program provided learning opportunities to high school and college students of the central Phoenix area thanks to a State of Arizona grant and industry support.