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Stephen West


Stephen West is a Foundation Professor of Chinese in the School of International Letters and Cultures. West works in the textual culture of late medieval and early modern China (1000–1600), with specialties in performance literature, drama, urban literature, and garden studies.


Ph.D. Far Eastern Language and Literature, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 

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“Zhu Changwen and His Garden of Joy,” The Transmission and Interpretation of Traditional Literature: Proceedings of the Fourth Internatioanl Conference on Sinology (Taibei: Academia Sinica, 2014), 205–44.

“早期戲劇文本簡論" (Remarks on Early Dramatic Texts) 《中國曲研究的新方向》 (New Directions in the Study of Chinese Drama) (Taipei: Guojia chubanshe, 2015), 149–168.

(With Wilt Idema), “Zhong Kui at Work: A Complete Translation of The Immortal Officials Happiness, Wealth and Longevity Gather in Celebration by Zhu Youdun (1379–1435),” Journal of Chinese Religions (2016) 44.1: 1–34.

“The Pains of Pleasure: Remembering New Year in Kaifeng,” in Senses of the City: Perceptions of Hangzhou in the Southern Song, ed. Joseph Lam, Marty Powers, and Christian De Pee. Hong Kong: Chinese University of Hong Kong Press, 2017), pp. 109–148.

Spring 2020
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CHI 598Special Topics
Fall 2019
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CHI 493Honors Thesis
CHI 691Seminar
Fall 2018
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CHI 493Honors Thesis
CHI 514Advanced Classical Chinese
CHI 598Special Topics
Spring 2018
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CHI 691Seminar
Fall 2017
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CHI 493Honors Thesis
Spring 2017
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CHI 461Classical Vernaculr Perfrm Lit
CHI 598Special Topics
  • Stephen H. West. Double Bind: Reading the Chinese City. The Splendor of Capitals: 1500 Years of East Asian Urban History (Apr 2009).
  • Stephen H West. Desire, Hermeneutics, and Pedagogy: Body and the Law in "Injustice to Dou E," "Butterfly Dream," and "the Chalk Circle.". 2nd International Conference on Violence in Pre-Modern China (Dec 2008).
  • Stephen H. West. Did Ma Zhiyuan Write "Autumn Meditations?". Western Branch, American Oriental Society (Oct 2008).
  • Stephen H. West. The Bureaucracy of Dying: The Death and Burial of a Song Emperor". International Conference of the Comparative Court Culture Society (Oct 2008).
  • West, Stephen. "Medieval to Early Modern in China: Markers of Transition in Urban Forms, 960- 1125". Annual Meeting of the Medieval Academy of America (Apr 2008).
  • West, Stephen. Discarded Treasure: The Wondrous Rocks of Lingbi. International Conference of Cultural Meanings of Mobility (Mar 2008).
  • East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Graduate Director (2009 - Present)
  • Asian Studies Center, Reviewer (2009 - 2009)
  • Institute of Literature and Philosophy Academia Sinica, Taiwan, Reviewer (2008 - 2008)
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong, Evaluatior (2008 - 2008)