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Maryjo Douglas Zunk

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  •  602/496-0450
  •  School of Public Affairs Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions University Center, 411 Central Avenue, Suite 400 Phoenix
Program Manager, Career Development & Placement
University Staff, DTPHX Campus, Mailcode 3720
Program Manager
University Staff, DTPHX Campus, Mailcode 3720

Maryjo Douglas Zunk- MA, MBA joined Arizona State University’s School of Public Affairs in 2012 as a Program Manager for Career Development, Alumni Engagement and Employer Outreach, after holding various positions at ASU during the 21 years she has lived in the Phoenix Valley.  She has served the institution as a graduate program career consultant (MBA), a resources and program development specialist, and academic and career advisor (ASU Career and Professional Development and School of Global Management and Leadership).  For more than 30 years, she has developed and supported career education, planning and management programs for diverse populations, working with business, labor, government and education leaders, to create and sustain robust communities in the Midwest and Southwest U.S.  Maryjo has combined her counseling and business education, marketing and management experience, creative talents and service-orientation to assist students and alumni successfully achieve their academic and career goals.

In developing the School of Public Affairs’ Career Management Center, Maryjo focuses on employer and alumni relations, cultivating active partnerships, and leveraging alumni support in creating work-learning and early career opportunities for students and graduates seeking entry into public service administration, as well as those managing their career advancement.  She places an emphasis on identifying current hiring and promotional trends in the government, non-profit and NGO workplace sectors, and guides students through the necessary exploration, preparation and self-marketing strategies of the career planning and management process, to successfully compete in today’s marketplace.

Research Interests: 

Career Exploration and Job Search for new and developing fields (i.e. Global Studies, Sustainability, Entrpreneurship)