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Eric Bishop

Polytechnic School
Faculty, POLY Campus, Mailcode 2080

Eric Bishop has been working and teaching in the information technology field for over 20 years. Before joining the IT Program at ASU in 2021, he served as a full-time faculty member and department chair of the Computer Information Systems department at Northland Pioneer College. Eric's other academic positions include a full-time faculty position at Northern Arizona University in the Computer Information Technology department and he also spent a decade teaching graduate-level Computer Science courses at Boston University.

In addition to his teaching roles, Eric has worked in other positions to include chief information officer, IT consultant, web developer, systems administrator, and a non-commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps. He earned his MS in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in Information Security from Boston University and holds numerous industry certifications in the areas of digital forensics, information security controls, IT governance, IT management, and more.

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Summer 2022
Course NumberCourse Title
IFT 202Fdn of Info and Comp Sys Secur
IFT 381Information System Security
IFT 394Special Topics
Fall 2021
Course NumberCourse Title
IFT 101Info Tech Programming Logic
IFT 202Fdn of Info and Comp Sys Secur
IFT 250Intro to UNIX Utilities
IFT 394Special Topics