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Associate Professor Research
Department of Electrical Engineering
Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering

Peiming Zhang received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry and M.S. in polymer chemistry from the Institute of Chemistry at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He did his postdoctoral work on nucleic acid chemistry at Purdue University. He was a founding member of Motorola Biochip Systems.


DNA electronics


Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry at the Chinese Academy of Sciences
M.S. Polymer Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry at the Chinese Academy of Sciences


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  • Shan, Xiaonan; Huang, Xinping; Foley, Kyle J.; Zhang, Peiming; Chen, Kangping; Wang, Shaopeng; Tao, Nongjian. Measuring Surface Charge Density and Particle Height Using Surface Plasmon Resonance Technique. Analytical Chemistry (2010).
  • Chang, Shuai; He, Jin; Kibel, Ashley; Lee, Myeong; Sankey, Otto; Zhang, Peiming; Lindsay, Stuart. Tunnelling readout of hydrogen-bonding-based recognition. Nature Nanotechnology (2009).
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  • He, Jin; Lin, Lisha; Liu, Hao; Zhang, Peiming; Lee, Myeong; Sankey, O. F.; Lindsay, S. M. A hydrogen-bonded electron-tunneling circuit reads the base composition of unmodified DNA. Nanotechnology (2009).
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