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Linda Vaughan

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Professor Emerita

Linda A. Vaughan, PhD, RD, FAND
Director, School of Nutrition and Health Promotion
Professor of Nutrition

Short Bio


  • PhD - Agricultural Biochemistry and Nutrition, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, 1977
  • MSN - Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 1974
  • RD - Registered Dietitian credential, 1974
  • BS - Food Science and in Dietetics (dual major), University of California, Davis, CA, 1972

Recent Publications

  • Thompson J, Manore MM, Vaughan LA. The Science of Nutrition, 2nd Ed. Benjamin-Cummings. 2010.
  • Wharton C and Vaughan LA. Healthy Dining: Eating for Pleasure, Leisure, and Wellness. IN: Payne L, Ainsworth B, Godbey G. Leisure, Physical Activity, and Health. State College, PA: Venture Press. 2010.
  • Woolf K, St. Thomas M, Hahn N, Vaughan LA, Carlson AG, and Hinton P. Iron status in highly active and sedentary young women. International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism 2009: 19:519-535
  • Small L, Sidora-Arcoleo K, Vaughan L, Creed-Capsel, J, Chung K-Y, Stevens C. The addition of photographs to dietary diaries: a report of validity and reliability of this dietary intake assessment method with young children. Infant, Child, & Adolescent Nutrition 2009: 1:27-36.
  • Woolf K, Reese CE, Mason MP, Beaird LC, Tudor-Locke C, Vaughan L. Physical activity is associated with risk factors for chronic disease across adult women's life cycle. J Am Diet Assoc 2008: 108:948-959.

Research Interests

Nutrient value of food bank distributions; nutritional status of older adults.

Current/Recent Grants and Projects

  • Nutrition education for food bank recipients [PI]
    Arizona Nutrition Network, AZ Dept Health - $19,974, 2009
  • Nutrition education for food bank recipients [PI]
    Arizona Nutrition Network, AZ Dept Health - $16,049, 2008
  • Nutrition education for homeless children [PI]
    Arizona Nutrition Network, AZ Dept Health - $17,158, 2006
  • Evaluation of Team Nutrition Interventions in Arizona Schools . [PI]
    Arizona Department of Education - $30,977, 2005
  • Enhancement of nutrient value of food bank donations and distributions [Co-PI with Evans, R]
    United Parcel Service Foundation - $67,000, 2004
  • Thompson, J, Manore, M M, Vaughan, Linda. The Science of Nutrition. (2007).
  • J Hampl, D Wilson, K Dixon, Linda Vaughan. Undergraduate dietetics programs do not support cross-training students in smoking cessation. J Allied Health (2005).
  • Linda Vaughan, C Manning. Meeting the challenges of dietetics practice with evidence-based decisions. J Am Diet Assoc (2004).
  • Linda Vaughan. Research and the dietetics profession: initiating undergraduate students into the culture of research. J Am Diet Assoc (2003).
  • K Moreland, M Gotfried, Linda Vaughan. Development and implementation of clinical privileges for dietitian nutrition order writing program at a long term acute care hospital. J Am Diet Assoc (2002).
  • Linda Vaughan. Treatment options for adult obesity. Internet Continuing Education (2002).
Research Activity: 
  • Vaughan,Linda*. FY2010 Arizona Nutrition Network. AZ DEPT OF HEALTH SERVICES(10/1/2009 - 9/30/2011).
  • Vaughan,Linda*. Nutrition Education for Food Bank Clients. AZ DEPT OF HEALTH SERVICES(10/1/2008 - 9/30/2009).
  • Vaughan,Linda*. FY2007 Arizona Nutrition Network. AZ DEPT OF HEALTH SERVICES(10/1/2006 - 9/30/2007).
  • Vaughan,Linda*. Evaluation of the 2004 Team Nutrition Grant Pilot Data and the 2005 use Risk Behavior Survey Data. AZ DEPT OF EDUCATION(12/1/2005 - 12/31/2006).
  • Vaughan,Linda*. Arizona Nutrition Network Local Incentive Award FY2006. AZ DEPT OF HEALTH SERVICES(10/1/2005 - 9/30/2006).
  • Vaughan,Linda*. Nutrition Services for United Food Bank. UNITED FOOD BANK(1/16/2005 - 12/31/2005).
  • Vaughan,Linda*. Thomas J. Pappas Tempe School Nutrition Education Series. AZ DEPT OF HEALTH SERVICES(10/1/2004 - 9/30/2005).
  • Winham,Donna M*, Dixon,Kathleen, Hampl,Jeffrey S, Vaughan,Linda. FY 2004 ARIZONA NUTRITION NETWORK (Component C). AZ DEPT OF HEALTH SERVICES(10/1/2003 - 9/30/2004).
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  • Hampl,Jeffrey S*, Dixon,Kathleen, Vaughan,Linda, Winham,Donna M. FY 2004 ARIZONA NUTRITION NETWORK (Component A). AZ DEPT OF HEALTH SERVICES(10/1/2003 - 9/30/2004).
  • Vaughan, Linda, Martin, R, Evans, R. Tracking the nutrient profile of food bank inventory. Experimental Biology/FASEB (Apr 2006).
  • Vaughan, Linda. Dietary planning for elders with multiple disease states. ASU Elder Care Group (Nov 2005).
  • Tudor-Locke, C, Reese, C, Mason, M, Beaird, L, Woolf, K, Vaughan, Linda. Anthropometric evaluation of a step/day cut point in women. American College of Sports Medicine Meeting (Jun 2005).
  • Vaughan, Linda. Dietary Reference Intake Guidelines on Fluid/Water Requirements. (Jan 2005).
  • Vaughan, Linda. Fluid needs across the lifespan: New guidelines from NAS, Office of Medicine. FIGI Conterence on Water and Health (Mar 2004).
  • Vaughan, Linda, Manore, M. Role of Didactic Programs in Dietetics in Graduate Nutrition Education. Association of Nutrition Program Directors (Feb 2003).
  • Vaughan, Linda. Practice-based utilization of the Dietary Reference Intakes. San Antonio Teleconference Network of Texas (Jan 2001).
  • Vaughan, Linda. Development and clinical applications of the Dietary Reference Intakes. Year 2000 Public Health Professional Conference (Jun 2000).
  • Vaughan, Linda. Physiologic aspects of aging: impacts on nutrient requirements and metabolism. Arizona Association of Homes and Housing for the Aging (Jun 2000).
  • Vaughan, Linda. The nutrition entry into the energy balance equation. Arizona Department of Health Services, Office of Nutrition Obesity Strategic Planning Workshop (Apr 2000).
  • Vaughan, Linda. Causes and consequences of disordered eating in elderly adults. San Antonio Teleconference Network of Texas (Mar 2000).
  • PhD in Physical Activity, Nutrition and Wellness Executive Committee, Member (2005 - Present)
  • Ad Hoc Committee for School of Health Sciences Proposal, Chair (2005 - 2006)
  • University Provost Search Committee, Member (2005 - 2006)
  • American Dietetic Association House of Delegates, Professional Issues Delegate (Education) (2003 - 2006)
  • Ad Hoc Committee for General Studies Requirements at Polytechnic Institution, Member (2004 - 2005)
  • East Campus Academic Chairs and Directors Council, Chair (2004 - 2005)
  • University Faculty Mentoring Program, Participant Mentor (2004 - 2004)
  • University Promotion and Tenure Implementation Working Group, Member (2004 - 2004)
  • Search ASU East Provost Search Committee, Member (2003 - 2004)
  • ASU East Faculty Grant in Aid Program, Reviewer (2001 - 2004)
  • SEE ASU, Participant (2001 - 2004)
  • Didactic Program in Dietetics, Director (1983 - 2004)
  • Town Hall on Poverty and Diet, Panel Member (2004 - 2004)
  • The University Mentoring Process, Arizona State University East, Presenter (2003 - 2003)
  • ASU East Executive Committee, Gerontology Program, Member (2003 - 2003)
  • AZ Board of Regents Learner-Centered Education Grants, Reviewer (2002 - 2003)
  • Research Advisory Task Force, American Dietetic Association, Member (2002 - 2003)
  • Research Practice Group, American Dietetic Association, Awards Chair (2002 - 2003)
  • American Indian Program GEAR UP Summer Residential Program, Instructor (2001 - 2003)
  • Take Your Youth to Work Program, Instructor (2001 - 2003)
  • Solar Food Fest I and II, Gladys McGarey Medical Foundation, Facilitator (2003 - 2003)
  • Commission on the Status of Women Strategic Planning Committee, Member (2002 - 2002)
  • Arizona State University Employee Wellness Advisory Network, Member (2001 - 2002)
  • Research Practice Group, American Dietetic Association, Chair (2001 - 2002)
  • Careers in Nutrition, ASU Sun Science Festival for Middle School Girls, Participant/Organizer (2002 - 2002)
  • Nutrition for Runners, City of Mesa Health & Fitness Exposition, Participant/Organizer (2002 - 2002)
  • ASU East Campus Master Planning Steering Committee, Member (2001 - 2001)
  • Undergraduate Instruction Team for NCA Accreditation of ASU, Consultant (2001 - 2001)
  • Research Practice Group, Chair Elect (2000 - 2001)
  • Food and Nutrition Faculty Search Committee, Member (2000 - 2000)
  • Self Study for Approval/Accreditation of the Didactic Program in Dietetics, Author (2000 - 2000)
  • Program Review Committee, Lead Author Nutrition Self-Study (1999 - 2000)