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Brittany Crow-Miller

Clinical Asst Professor
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Senior Sustainability Scientist
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Faculty, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 5603

Britt Crow-Miller is Clinical Assistant Professor at the School for the Future of Innovation in Society and Senior Sustainability Scientist with the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University. She is also Founding Director of CityWild, a sustainability education nonprofit with the mission of inspiring curiosity about the natural world through exploration, fun, and hands-on learning for kids and families. 

  • Ph.D. Geography, University of California-Los Angeles 2013
  • M.A. Regional Studies - East Asia, Harvard University 2009
  • B.A. History and Asian Studies, Bard College, NY 2006
Research Interests

Human geography, sustainability, sustainability education, political ecology, development

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  • Kirby, William C. and Brittany Crow. “Myths and Lessons of Modern Chinese History.” Harvard Business School Press, Note 308-065, 2007.
Fall 2019
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GTD 505Research Design in Tech & Dev
Fall 2017
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GTD 501Global Tech and Development
Spring 2017
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FIS 337Innovation and Global Developm
GTD 501Global Tech and Development