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Kim Fridkin

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Foundation Professor
Faculty, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 3902
Foundation Professor
Faculty, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 3902

Kim Fridkin began teaching at Arizona State University in 1989 after receiving her B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. She has contributed articles to the American Political Science Review, American Journal of Politics, and the Journal of Politics. She is the co-author of "The Changing Face of Representation: The Gender of U.S. Senators and Constituent Communications(University of Michigan, 2014) is the co-author of "No-Holds Barred: Negative Campaigning in U.S. Senate Campaigns" (Prentice Hall, 2004), co-author of "The Spectacle of U.S. Senate Campaigns" (Princeton University Press, 1999), and the author of "The Political Consequences of Being a Woman" (Columbia University Press, 1996). Professor Fridkin's current research interests are negative campaigning, women and politics, and senate elections.

  • Ph.D. University of Michigan, Department of Political Science 1989
  • M.A. University of Michigan, Department of Political Science 1987
  • A.B. University of Michigan, Department of Psychology 1984
Research Interests

Voting Behavior, Media and Politics, Women and Politics, Senate Elections



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This article has attention on the blogosphere, such as


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Book Chapters

“An Examination of the Growth in Fact Checking” with Amanda Wintersieck (Amanda is first author).  Forthcoming for William Benoit (editor), The Praeger Handbook of Political Campaigning in the United States.


“Different Portraits, Different Leaders?  Gender Differences in U.S. Senators' Presentation of Self"(with Patrick J. Kenney).  In Sue Thomas and Clyde Wilcox (eds.).  Women and Elective Office: Past, Present, and Future, third edition.  Oxford:  Oxford University Press, 2014.


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Research Activity
  • Hinojosa,Magda*, Fridkin,Kim L, Kittilson,Miki Caul. The Dynamics of Political Representation: Examining Descriptive Substantive and Symbolic Representation with a Natural Experiment. INST OF INTERNATL EDUCATION(8/6/2014 - 10/23/2015).
  • Fridkin,Kim L*, Kenney,Patrick J. S/C YougovPolimetrix: Superdelegates and Representation in the 2008 Democratic Nomination Campaign. NSF-SES(8/1/2008 - 7/31/2009).
  • Fridkin,Kim L*, Woodall,Gina Marie Serignese. Doctoral Dissertation Research in Political Science: Playing Hardball in a Dress? Gender Differences in the Reliance and Effectiveness of Negative Ca. NSF-SBE(7/1/2004 - 6/30/2005).
  • Fridkin,Kim L*. CONSEQUENCE OF SENATE CAMPAIGN. NSF-SBE(7/15/1993 - 12/31/1994).
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