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PhD Geology/Geochemistry, California Institute of Technology 1977.  B.A. Geology, Williams College 1968

Research Interests: 

Research interests include (a) the chemical and physical properties of atmospheric aerosols and their role in the climate system; (b) aerosol-cloud interactions in the marine troposphere; and (c) health effects of atmospheric aerosols.  Recent work has included determination of optical properties of various forms of light absorbing carbon particles (soot, brown carbon and other combustion aerosols) and the role of different aerosol types in marine stratiform clouds and tropical cumulus clouds.  Have been a participant in a number of multi-investigator projects utilizing NCAR research aircraft (NCAR C-130 and G-V) including ACE-1 in the Southern Ocean, INDOEX in the Indian Ocean, ACE-Asia offshore of East Asia, RICO in the Caribbean, PACDEX in the North Pacific, VOCALS-REX off the coast of Chile, and ICE-T in the Caribbean.  Other interests include urban air pollution in the desert southwest.

  • Jiangtao Zhu, Peter A. Crozier, Peter Ercius and James R. Anderson. Derivation of Optical Properties of Carbonaceous Aerosols by Monochromated Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy. Microscopy and Microanalysis (2014).
  • J. Zhu, P. A. Crozier, and J. R. Anderson. Characterization of light-absorbing carbon particles at three altitudes in East Asian outflow by transmission electron microscopy. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (2013).
  • Twohy, C. H., Anderson, J. R., Toohey, D. W., Andrejczuk, M., Adams, A., Lytle, M., George, R. C., Wood, R., Saide, P., Spak, S., Zuidema, P., and Leon, D. Impacts of aerosol particles on the microphysical and radiative properties of stratocumulus clouds over the southeast Pacific Ocean. Atmos. Chem. Phys (2013).
  • Dimitrova, R., Lurponglukana, N., Fernando, H. J. S., Runger, G. C., Hyde, P., Hedquist, B. C., Anderson, J., Bannister, W., and Johnson, W. Relationship between particulate matter and childhood asthma – basis of a future warning system for central Phoenix. Atmos. Chem. Phys (2012).
  • Stith, J.L., C. Twohy, P. DeMott, D. Baumgardner, T. Campos, R. Gao and J. Anderson. Scavenging of biomass burning refractory black carbon and ice nuclei in a Western Pacific extratropical storm. Atmos. Chem. Phys (2011).
  • Pardyjak E, Fernando HJS, Hunt JCR, Grachev A, Anderson J. Development of Nocturnal Flow and Transport in a Wide Open Valley. Meteorologische Zeitschrift (2009).
  • Stith, J. L., V. Ramanathan, W. A. Cooper, G. Roberts, P. J. DeMott, G. Carmichael, C.D. Hatch, B. Adhikary, C. H. Twohy, D. C. Rogers, D. Baumgardner, A. J. Prenni, T. Campos, R. S. Gao, J. Anderson, and Y. Feng. An overview of aircraft observations from the Pacific Dust Experiment campaign. Jour. Geophy. Res (2009).
  • D.L.T. Alexander, P. A. Crozier, and J. R. Anderson. Brown Carbon Spheres in East Asian Outflow and their Direct Radiative Forcing Properties. Science (2008).
Research Activity: 
Summer 2020
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MAE 792Research
Summer 2019
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MAE 792Research
Summer 2018
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MAE 792Research
Summer 2017
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MAE 792Research
Summer 2016
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MAE 792Research
  • Valley of the Sun Clean Cities Coalition, board member (2000 - Present)
  • University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, Member, Scientific Programs Evaluation Committee (2011 - 2015)
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