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James Rice

Asst Research Scientist (FSC)
Academic Professional, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 6004
Research Activity: 
  • Rice,James W. Human-Robotic Geologic Traverse Planning Strategies for the Moon and Mars. NASA-GODDARD SPACE FLIGHT CTR(6/5/2008 - 6/4/2010).
  • Rice,James W. Analysis of Layered Terrains Near Mawrth Vallis: Comparisons with Meridiani Planum and Extrapolation of Results from MER. SPACE SCIENCE INSTITUTE(7/13/2006 - 7/12/2010).
  • Rice,James W. Landing Site Analysis combined with THEMIS Systemic Monitoring of the Phoenix Landing Site Regions. JPL(5/12/2006 - 9/30/2008).
  • Rice,James W*, Christensen,Philip R. MER GEOMORPHIC AND SEDIMENTOLOGICAL INVESTIGATIONS. JPL(7/12/2002 - 9/26/2010).