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Jeffrey Wilson

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Associate Dean of Research & Professor
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Jeffrey R. Wilson, PhD

Professor of Statistics & Biostatistics

Jeffrey Wilson is a Professor of Statistics and Biostatistics. He is the former Director of the School of Health Management and Policy and a former Chair of the Editorial Board of the American Journal of Public Health. He is a former Director and co-Director of the Biostatistics Core in the NIH Center for Alzheimer at Arizona State University. His past leadership experiences include roles as Arizona representative to American Statistical Association; Chair for Section on Statistics American Public Health Association; the Director of the Interdisciplinary Program in Statistics at Arizona State University; and President of the Arizona Chapter of the American Statistical Association. In 1997, he was assigned to serve as a biostatistician on the Presidential committee on non-conventional practices to medicine. He is a former editorial board member of the Journal of Health Education & Development and served on the Membership Committee of American United Program Health Association. He is a former chair of the Intercollegiate Athletic Board at Arizona State University, and served as the chair of the Gender, Diversity, and Student Well-being subcommittee for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). He is also the former President of the PAC-12 council and the present PAC-12 FAR representative to 1A FAR association. He is presently the Statistics Associate Editor for The Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology and the Faculty Athletics Representative for Arizona State University.

Dr. Wilson’s research experience includes grants as PI and co-PI from the NIH, NSF, USDA, Arizona Department of Health Services, and the Arizona Disease Research Commission. He has published more than 80 articles in leading journals such as Statistics in Medicine, American Journal of Public Health, Journal of Royal Statistics Series C, Management Science, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Computational Statistics, and Australian Journal of Statistics, among others. He has consulted with pharmaceutical companies and hospitals while representing them before the FDA and other federal government healthcare agencies.

Professor Wilson has also served as an expert witness in legal cases concerning construction defects, sampling, insurance, patient billing, job discrimination, profiling, shoplifting, and cheating allegations on law school exams. He has worked with attorney general offices in Minneapolis, Flagstaff, and Phoenix on racial profiling.

Dr. Wilson received his BA in Mathematics from the University of the West Indies and his MS and PhD in Statistics from the Iowa State University. He taught graduate courses in MBA Analytic programs and Executive MBA programs, as well as graduate courses in the areas of biostatistics, sampling, regression analysis, categorical data analysis, survival analysis, and generalized linear models, as well as undergraduate honors statistics courses in Business for Barrett Honors students. He has also taught specialized Biostatistics classes at Mayo Clinic. He has led similar courses for Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Barrow Neurological Center, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Banner Hospital, and He helped to build syllabi and programs at Zayed University, Dubai, and University of Pretoria, South Africa.



  • Ph.D. Iowa State University of Science and Technology 1984
  • M.S. Iowa State University of Science and Technology 1980
  • B.A. University of the West Indies, Port of Spain, Trinidad 1977
Research Interests: 
  1. Joint Mean Dispersion Kurtosis Models

In general, we posit that any lack of fit can be better addressed by modeling what is left over. How well is that fit of the mean in modeling the binary data is measured by the unexplained variation. However, the fit can be improved by modelling the unexplained variation. One improvement from the mean modeling is usually done by the joint modeling of the mean and dispersion. We present the extension of the joint modeling of mean (first moment), dispersion (second moment), and kurtosis (fourth moment) to provide a better fit of the data. While we do not expect to completely address all of the variation, we show that this third sub model provides a better fit. The two approaches (mean and dispersion) and (mean, dispersion and kurtosis) are compared. A simulation study will provide a comparison of the two approaches.

  1. Three-level Hierarchical Models

In the analysis of repeated measures data, in addition to the inherent correlation due to the repeated responses we have covariates that change over time. The fact that for one reason or another the covariates change leads to the identification of moments necessary to obtain estimates of the regression coefficients. Moreover, these time–dependent covariates lead to feedback that may be necessary to model the mean.

  1. Applications of these Models

These models are applied to data obtained from the Bangladesh and Mozambique national database as well as Arizona Alzheimer’s research Consortium at Arizona State University.

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Research Activity: 
Summer 2022
Course NumberCourse Title
STP 784Internship
STP 792Research
Spring 2022
Course NumberCourse Title
STP 595Continuing Registration
STP 792Research
STP 799Dissertation
Fall 2021
Course NumberCourse Title
ECN 231Honors Business Statistics
ECN 525Applied Regression Models
ECN 527Categorical Data Analysis
STP 795Continuing Registration
STP 799Dissertation
Summer 2021
Course NumberCourse Title
STP 784Internship
STP 792Research
Spring 2021
Course NumberCourse Title
STP 595Continuing Registration
STP 792Research
STP 799Dissertation
Fall 2020
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ECN 231Honors Business Statistics
ECN 525Applied Regression Models
ECN 527Categorical Data Analysis
STP 799Dissertation
Summer 2020
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STP 784Internship
STP 792Research
Spring 2020
Course NumberCourse Title
STP 593Applied Project
STP 595Continuing Registration
STP 792Research
STP 799Dissertation
Fall 2019
Course NumberCourse Title
ECN 231Honors Business Statistics
ECN 525Applied Regression Models
ECN 527Categorical Data Analysis
STP 593Applied Project
STP 595Continuing Registration
STP 792Research
STP 799Dissertation
Summer 2019
Course NumberCourse Title
STP 784Internship
STP 792Research
Spring 2019
Course NumberCourse Title
STP 590Reading and Conference
STP 593Applied Project
STP 595Continuing Registration
STP 792Research
STP 799Dissertation
Summer 2018
Course NumberCourse Title
STP 784Internship
STP 792Research
Spring 2018
Course NumberCourse Title
STP 590Reading and Conference
STP 593Applied Project
STP 595Continuing Registration
STP 792Research
STP 799Dissertation


Invited Presentations

  1. Modeling correlated binary data with time dependent covariates with GMM estimates. University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine Philadelphia        Oct 2015
  2. What You Need to Do to Get a MIGS Paper Published: 43rd AAGL Global Congress on Minimally Invasive Gynecology Vancouver, British Columbia             Nov 2014
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  4. Survival Models in Pediatrics Research Phoenix Children Hospital           Mar 2014
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  6. JSM Diversity Mentoring Program JSM Meetings Montreal Canada              Jun 2013
  7. Stat101 Understanding Results12thConference IPro Innovations Scottsdale Apr 2013
  8. JSM Diversity Workshop & Mentoring Program JSM San Diego                        Jul 2012
  9. Classifying time-dependent covariates Medicare data: APHA Washington DC Nov 2011
  10. Cavelle Brownie Scholars Mentoring Program JSM Miami Beach,              Aug 2010
  11. Career in Statistics: A Changing Environment Statfest Spellman Atlanta         Sep 2010
  12. Pre-JSM Diversity Workshop: ASA Washington, DC                                Aug 2009
  13. Defending your country through education: Statfest: UW Seattle,             May 2007
  14. Statistics for surgeons: Overview of statistical tools in healthcare research:                     The American Society of Breast Surgeons 8th Annual Meetings Phoenix    May 2007
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  27. Statistical methods in medical journals: Charles Drew Univ Los Angeles Feb 1993
  28. Statistical issues in medical research: Charles Drew Univ, Los Angeles          May 1992

Contributed Presentations

  1. Fang, D, Rhodes, R., and Wilson JR.  "GMM Logistic Regression Model for Obesity with Time-Dependent Covariates" APHA Annual Meeting & Expo, Denver Nov 2016
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SAS Global Forum, Las Vegas                                                              Apr 2016

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  38. Logarithmic Series Distribution and Its Use in Discrete Data:                                      Wilson, J. R. Joint Statistical Meetings, New Orleans                                 Aug 1988
  39. Generalized Dirichlet-multinomial Model for Data with Extravariation:                          Wilson, J. R. Joint Statistical Meetings, San Francisco                                Aug 1987
  40. A Simulated comparison of chi square Test Statistics for Testing Proportions:                 Wilson, J. R. Joint Statistical Meetings, Chicago                               Aug 1986
  41. Alternative Form of Constructing a Contingency Table for Frequency Data:                    Wilson, J. R. Joint Statistical Meetings, Las Vegas                            Aug 1985
  42. Approximate Test Statistics for Independence for Cluster Sampling Scheme:                  Wilson, J. R., Joint Statistical Meetings, Las Vegas                           Aug 1985
  43. Testing Equality of Vectors of Proportions for Several Cluster Samples:                         Wilson, J. R. Joint Statistical Meetings, Philadelphia                                  Aug 1984
  44. Comparing proportions for several populations when primary units are repeatedly        sampled: 50th Anniversary: Wilson, J. R. Iowa State University Ames               Jun 1983

Workshops and Short Courses Presented

  1. On several topics in statistics for fellows to aid in the use of their funded and              published research. Phoenix Children Hospital Phoenix                             Sep 2013-16
  2. Can Statistics Lie? Association for Career Technical Education Tucson    Jul 2015
  3. On “what you need to do to get a paper published” and the use of statistics                      43rd AAGL Global Congress Vancouver Canada                                              Nov 2014
  4. On Minority Statistics for mentoring of students and early career members                      ASA-Committee on Diversity Miami, San Diego, Montreal, Boston     Aug 2010-14
  5. On use of statistical models [ one-day workshop] for High School teachers and              students in prep for Intel Science and Engineering Fair: ASA & ASU Jan 2013-15
  6. On use of SAS while analyzing research data from ongoing research problems-               Twelve-week course in Biostatistics Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale               Mar –Jul 2012
  7. On use of statistical models for High School teachers and students in prep for                        Intel Science and Engineering Fair: ASA & ASU                        Dec 2009-10
  8. On statistical tools used in analysis of research in breast cancer.                                     The American Society of Breast Surgeons                                           Jun 2007
  9. On using SPSS Procedures to analyze data set pertaining to Arizona Health Data
  10. Three-day workshop for Arizona Department Health Services                    Oct 2003
  11. On biostatistics using SAS while analyzing current research data from ongoing research problems- Ten-week course Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale             Mar-May 2003
  12. SAS Procedures to analyze Health Data [3-day]   ADHS Phoenix                         Jul 2002
  13. Statistical Tools SPSS in Health Data to [3-day]   ADHS Phoenix                    Dec 2001
  14. On tools for better Outcomes-Behavioral Health Services, ADHS                    Nov 2000
  15. On techniques for analyzing small samples, MEDICIS, Phoenix, Arizona   Sep 1999
  16. On advanced topics in Biostatistics, SDAR, Phoenix, AZ                          May 1999
  17. On sample size and power analysis to Healthcare workers SDAR Phoenix     May 1998
  18. On outcome research workshop, SDAR, Phoenix,                                               Apr 1998
  19. On logistic regression analysis with SPSS- SDAR, Phoenix                            Feb 1998
  20.  Statistical Methods in the Analyses of Health Data SDAR Las Vegas, NV Nov 1997
  21. On proposal writing: Role of the statistician in the Proposal Process-                             Arizona Disease Research Commission Phoenix                                           Oct 1997
  22. Statistical Methods in the Analyses of Health Data: SDAR Salt Lake,        Oct 1997
  23. Analyzing, disseminating and collecting minority health data,

    Arizona Department of Health Services, CMH Phoenix                       Oct 1997

  1. Statistical Methods & Tools in the Analyses of Health Data SDAR Reno,       Sep 1997
  2. Statistical methods in the Analyses of Health Data SDAR Denver                 Aug 1997
  3. On the ABC’s of statistics in Law, Learning the fundamentals: 4.62/5-point                     Maricopa County Bar Association, Phoenix                                          Jun 1997
  4. On fundamentals of statistical analysis in health data: SDAR                  Feb 1997
  5. Statistical methods for survival data analysis: SDAR, Phoenix                May 1994
  6. Statistical methods marketing research American Express Glendale       Oct 1993
  7. Survival models in analyzing biomedical data:3rd Annual Stat Week ASU Mar 1993
  8. Series of seminars on statistical methods in medical investigations    

Maricopa Medical Center Dep’t of Anaestheology, Phoenix,       Oct-Dec 1992

  1. On fitting binary models 2nd Annual Statistics Week- ASU                        Mar 1992
  2. On log linear and logistic models in wildlife data

Arizona Game & Fish Department Phoenix                                            Dec1990

Honors / Awards: 
  • George Washington Carver Achievement Award, 1995
  • ISU Significant Contributions to the Quality of Life Award 1993
  • ASU Outstanding Professor Award, 1991
  1. Chair American Journal of Public Health [AJPH]                                     2012-15
  2. Statistical Associate Editor JMIG                                              2012-Present
  3. Member American Journal of Public Health [AJPH]                                 2009-15
  4. Member Journal of Health Education                                                    2003-06
Professional Associations: 

Membership on Committees

  1. Member Steering Committee for the FPRN and FMIG Collaboration   2015-Present
  2. Member Council Executive Committee PAC-12 Conference                       2017-18
  3. Co-Chair of International Intel Science and Engineering Judges               2015-16
  4. Past Chair: Section on Statistics, American Public Health Association       2012-13
  5. Chair Section on Statistics, American Public Health Association              2011-12
  6. Program Director: Statistic Section National APHA 2011 meetings DC    2010-11
  7. Chair elect: Section on Statistics, American Public Health Association    2010-11
  8. Member: American Statistical Association Nomination Committee COC     2010-12
  9. Member: American Statistical Association Minority Executive Committee   2009-14
  10. Arizona Chapter Representative American Statistical Association   2006-Present
  11. Chair of ASA Judges Intel Science and Education Fair Phoenix, Arizona         2005
  12. Member - ASA Judges Intel Science and Education Fair Portland Oregon        2004
  13. Member Committee of American United Program Health Association     2003-06
  14. Member Statistics Section Council of APHA                           2001-Present
  15. President of Arizona Chapter of American Statistical Association         2000-06
  16. Member Scientific Advisory Board: Women’s Prevention AZ Cancer Center 1998-99
  17. Member of NCMH National Institutes of Health                                    1997-00
  18. National Advisory Committee non-conventional medicine: NIH                   1992-94
  19. Member Advisory Council Minority Health, ADHS                                     1996-99

Membership Organization

  1. American and Arizona Statistical Association [ASA]                          1983-Present
  2. American and Arizona Public Health Association [APHA]                   2001-Present
  3. Biometrics Society                                                                                1991-97
  4. Royal Statistical Society                                                                        1985-99
  5. WNAR                                                                                                  1990-98
  6. Biometrika                                                                                          1990-96
Work History: 

Professional Experience [Administrative]

President Elect                                                                       Feb 2017- Jun 2017

Pacific American Conference -12 San Francisco, California

Faculty Athletic Representative [Far]                                    Jul 2014-Present

Office of the President, Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona

co-Director Data Management and Biostatistics Core                             Jul 2009-12

National Institute of Health Center, Arizona State University

Director Data Management and Biostatistics Core                                 Jul 2006-09

National Institute of Health Center, Arizona State University

Director School of Health Management and Policy                                   Jul 2003-06

W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University

Interim Director School of Health Management and Policy                    Jun 2002-03

W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona

Director   Interdisciplinary Program in Statistics                                  Jul 1991-96

Graduate College, Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona

Professional Experience [Teaching and Research]

Arizona State University – Tempe, Arizona

Associate Professor of Statistics and Biostatistics                  Jul 2006-present

Department of Economics, W. P. Carey School of Business

Associate Professor of Statistics                                                     Jul 1996-02

Department of Economics, W. P. Carey School of Business

Associate Professor of Biostatistics                                                Jul 1994-06

School of Health and Administration Policy, W. P. Carey School of Business

Associate Professor of Statistics                                                     Jul 1991-95

Department of Decision and Information System, College of Business

Assistant Professor of Statistics                                                     Jan 1985-91

Department of Decision and Information System, College of Business

Professional Experience [Teaching and Research]

Other Institutions besides Arizona State University

Division Director Health Administration and Policy                              Jul 2002-04

Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health, University of Arizona Tucson

Concentration Director Health Administration and Policy                    Jul 2002-04

Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health, University of Arizona Tucson

Associate Prof of Biostatistics Health Administration and Policy         Jul 2000-04

Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health, University of Arizona Tucson

Associate Prof of Epidemiology Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs    Jul 1994-04

Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health, University of Arizona Tucson

Co-Director Drew Surgical Research Group, Department of Surgery       Jul 1993-96

Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science – Los Angeles California

Adjunct Professor of Surgery Department of Surgery                         Jul 1992-93

Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science – Los Angeles California

Associate Professor of Biostatistics Health Administration               Jul 1990-94

Department of Health Science, University of Colorado Denver Colorado

Visiting Assistant Prof of Statistics Department of Statistics              Aug 1983-84

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma

Teaching Assistant Statistical Laboratory, Department of Statistics         Aug 1982-83

College of Liberal Arts, Iowa State University – Ames, Iowa

Consultant/Director Tutorial services, Minority Student Affairs           Jan 1981-83

Office of President, Iowa State University Ames, Iowa

Teaching Assistant Department of Mathematics                                    Aug 1980-83

College of Liberal Arts, Iowa State University Ames, Iowa

Teaching Assistant Ninth in Service Training Course in Statistics          Aug 1978-78

University of the West Indies, Port of Spain Trinidad WI

Teaching Assistant Department of Mathematics                                   Sep 1977-78

University of the West Indies, Port of Spain Trinidad WI

Statistician National Accounts Section                                                  Oct 1977-78

Central Statistical Office, Port of Spain, Trinidad WI

Team Teaching St Joseph Covenant College                                            Nov 1977-78

Ministry of Education and Culture Port of Spain Trinidad WI                          



Other Services

  1. Reviewer: Abstract reviewer Section on – Applied Public Health Statistics

APHA 2017 Annual Meetings and Expo                                                  Mar 2017

  1. Organizer: JSM 2017- Topic Contributed GMM, triple joint modeling, bootstrapping, and Multiple Membership of Correlated Data                  Aug 2017
  2. Member –PAC-12 Executive Council Committee                      Feb 2017-Present
  3. Moderator: The NCAA’s investigation academic fraud involving UNC           Lessons and perspectives: Center for Law and Society Phoenix AZ          Nov 2016
  4. Judge – Challenge Cup- Caribbean CRN – Trinidad and Tobago               Jan 2016
  5. Member -FMIGS-SGS Steering Committee                                              2016-17
  6. Member Taskforce: National Statistical Institute Gov’t Trinidad & Tobago 2016-17
  7. Chair Judges in International INTEL Science and Engineering Fair          2015-16
  8. Chair Biometric Session on Longitudinal models, ASA Denver, CO         Aug 2008
  9. Chair, WNAR Biometrics Society Student Paper Competition                    Jun 1996
  10. Organizer Special session: GLM for overdispersed data, ASA, Toronto     Aug 1994
  11. Chair, Social Science Modeling of Categorical Data, ASA, San Diego        Nov 1990
  12. Proposal Reviewer Sabbatical Leave, Department of Communications, ASU   1988
  13. Member, Committee SPES Presentation, ASA                                             1987
  14. Organizer and Founder the Statistical Hotline/ Annual Statistic Day   1991-1995


  1. Sampling Methodology Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona     Phoenix         2013
  2. Data analysis St. Joseph Hospital and Medical Center Phoenix              2009-10
  3. Data analysis St. Joseph Hospital and Medical Center Phoenix         2007-2008
  4. Marlyn Nutraceuticals Inc v Mucos Phoenix Teresa Relatos                        2008
  5. Olivenol data unblinding statistical analyses Creagri Inc. San Francisco  2004-05
  6. Understanding Services Offered Survey of member –PacifiCare-S Ptacek       2001
  7. Regression Drivers in Retail Pharmacy Conundrum PMBI -Mike Deskin          2001
  8. Effects Nitroglycerin Adenosine on gradient: Arizona Heart Institute Dib     2001
  9. Provide statistical support to management through SAS programming and power analyses: Hi-Tech International, Washington D.C.                               1999-01
  10. Sample size and power analyses and statistical tests: MEDICIS                1999-01
  11. Employee satisfaction survey data: Healthcare Delivery Systems               1999
  12. Provide statistical support to the HSM Limited Scottsdale, Arizona            1999-02
  13. Power analysis for limiting dilution assays for determination cell frequency    1998
  14. Predicting CABG outcome Cardio Surgery Scottsdale Memorial Hospital 1997-8
  15. Stratified sampling survey of FHP physicians: PacifiCare of Arizona            1998
  16. Analysis of Diabetic Patients and amputation: Maricopa Medical Center      1998
  17. Power analysis Development care monitoring. Phoenix Children’s Hospital  1998
  18. Clinical studies for serum measurement of Hyaluronic: REAADS Medical      1996
  19. Stratified sampling survey of FHP physicians: PacifiCare of Arizona            1997
  20. Dromos /Ergos TC Dual chamber cardiac pacemaker Biotronik Portland      1996
  21. Power analysis/ variance comparisons for drugs- Biotronik, Portland           1995
  22. Sampling plan for analysis of cardiovascular patients: CVC, Phoenix              1995
  23. Cox's proportional hazard models: Arizona Heart Institute Phoenix              1995
  24. Evaluation of obstetrical profile: Northwest Hospital, Tucson, Arizona         1995
  25. Occupational stress in residents: Martin Luther King Hospital, LA, CA   1993-94
  26. Sampling plan, and mortality study: QPC toxic fire South Phoenix: CRSP  1992-93
  27. Analyzing repeated measures crossover design: Thomas-Davis Center, AZ     1993
  28. Analysis of PTCA data: Desert Samaritan Medical Center, Mesa, AZ       1992-93
  29. Mortality rates: survival analysis models. Department of Anesthesiology [Dr. J. Calkins] Maricopa Medical Center, Phoenix, Arizona                               1991-92
  30. Mortality rates: claims and clinical data. Department of Anesthesiology [Dr. J. Calkins] Maricopa Medical Center, Phoenix, Arizona                               1990-91
  31. Mortality rates for heart surgery: Scottsdale Memorial Hospital, AZ         1987

Statistics and Law [Statistical Consultant/Expert witness]

  1. Fender v. Beazer Las Vegas                                                                             2017
  2. Eagar v. TM Homes [Lakeview Trails]                                                               2016
  3. Crutcher v. Beazer Las Vegas NV                                                                     2016
  4. Promenades v. Pulte Home Corp Orlando Florida                                             2016
  5. View at Black Mountain v American Black Mountain Las Vegas                       2016
  6. Atkins et al. vs. Del Webb Las Vegas NV                                                          2016
  7. Legend v. Bosa San Diego California                                                                2016
  8. Heron Landings Orlando Florida                                                                      2016
  9. Homelife Communities of AZ Atreus v. Alexander Phoenix AZ                          2016
  10. Report in Sky Las Vegas Hightail                                                                     2015
  11. Report in Sky Las Vegas                                                                                  2015
  12. Simkins et al. [Washoe Conty] Las Vegas                                                         2015
  13. View at Black Mountain Las Vegas                                                                  2015
  14. Robinson v. GE Money Bank KNCH law firm Phoenix                                      2015
  15. Sky Las Vegas Bremer Whyte Brown & O’Meara Las Vegas NV                        2015
  16. Beazer matter: Sierra Montana KNCH law firm Phoenix                                   2015
  17. One Queensridge Place v. Perini Building Bremer Whyte Brown O’Meara LLP  2015
  18. Boca Raton Bremer Whyte Brown and O’Meara, LLP     Las Vegas                    2015
  19. Park West HOA of Myrtle Beach, Inc South Carolina                                        2014
  20. Grand Canyon[GC] v GC Condo Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard and Smith CA           2014
  21. Rose Lakes Centex Homes KNCH law firm Las Vegas                                       2014
  22. Albores Centex Homes KNCH law firm Las Vegas                                             2014
  23. View at Black Mountain v American Black Mountain KNCH Las Vegas            2014
  24. Ash v Del Webb KNCH law firm Phoenix Arizona                                              2013
  25. Coronado HOA v. Highland KNCH law firm Las Vegas                                      2013
  26. Grande North v. Bosa Development San Diego CA                                         2013
  27. Levinson v Del Webb Koeller Nebeker Carlson Haluck                                     2013
  28. Sun City City Grand Zelkind v Del Webb Koeller Nebeker Carlson et al            2013
  29. Arvie v. Beazer                                                                                              2013
  30. City Center at Las Vegas                                                                                 2012
  31. Discovery at Cortez                                                                                         2012
  32. Park Place v. Bosa Loeber Greenfield andPolito                                                                  2012
  33. Richard v Del Webb Koeller Nebeker Carlson Haluck                                       2012
  34. Alfaro v. Harood Brothers                                                                               2011
  35. Fisher v. Del Webb/Kelly Peterson Koeller Nebeker Carlson Haluck                2011
  36. v. Tobler and Perata/Scott Rhodes Jennings and Strouss                                2010
  37. Estimating Pop. Totals in Chlorine Spill Koeller Nebeker Carlson Haluck         2010
  38. Moonlight Terrace v Sunrise Mountain Brown                                                2009
  39. Alba v. Harrod Brothers Koeller Nebeker Carlson Haluck                                2009
  40. Chateau Versailles v. Chateau Alexander Helm and Associates                        2009
  41. Sun City Grand v. Del Webb/Allen  Koeller Nebeker Carlson Haluck                2009
  42. Beazer Homes adv. Mason, et al Koeller Nebeker Carlson Haluck                     2009
  43. Edge at Reno/Kevin Helm of  Helm and Associates                                          2009
  44. Grand Canyon Railway Hotel v. Straightline Buliders/Christopher Ippoliti Wood Smith Henning and Berman LP                                                                      2009
  45. Guadiana v. State Farm/Robert Sullivan Broeing Oberg Woods Wilson           2009
  46. Ventana Vista/Sean Breacliffe Rusing and Lopez                                           2009
  47. Park Avenue v. Amland Development Koeller Nebeker Carlson Haluck            2008
  48. Ensley v. Forecast cv20007-023466 Koeller Nebeker Carlson Haluck              2008
  49. Beazer Homes v. Chaignot/J. Downs Koeller Nebeker Carlson Haluck            2008
  50. South Park v. Pulte Homes/J Salem Koeller Nebeker Carlson Haluck              2008
  51. Anderson v Forecast Resid cv2007-007222 Wood/Smith/Henning                  2008
  52. Mountain Vista Villas HOA v. Spectre West Builders Corporation/Scott McClure Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard Smith                                                                         2008
  53. Specht v. Forecast Residential Wood Smith Henning Berman                        2008
  54. Amukamara et all. V. Forecast Resid. Koeller Nebeker Carlson Haluck           2007
  55. Crowe et. Al v. Aspen Creek Meadows Doyle Berman Gallenstein                    2007
  56. Capital Mews Apt v. Legacy Partners/ Welch Doyle Berman and Murdy          2007
  57. Dessent v.  Del Webb Koeller Nebeker Carlson Haluck                                   2007
  58. Chateau Properties v. Chateau Noveau Helm and Associates                          2007
  59. Hayward v. Del Webb Koeller Nebeker Carlson Haluck                                   2007
  60. Alvarez et al. v. HC Builders,cv2004-016321 Koeller Nebeker et al                   2006
  61. Hospitals v. Maricopa County 1997-021512 Dacey Gammage et al                  2005
  62. Safeco v. DHR/Paul McGoldrick Shorall McGoldrick Birkmann                       2004
  63. Mirage Pk Resort v. Mirage Homes Edwards Doyle Berman Gallenstein           2004
  64. Carlisle V. Pardee/Megan Dorsey Koeller Nebeker Carlson Haluck                   2004
  65. Stone Ridge v. Pulte Homes/Strassburg Doyle Berman Gallenstein                 2004
  66. Duran v. Roston/Stephen Yost Lorber Greenfield and Polito                            2004
  67. Mitchell v. Este Homebuilding CV2002-4101 Lorber Greenfield and Polito       2004
  68. Vista Fairways at Westbrook Village v. Shea Homes CV2003-001296 MARIC/Lee Blake Lorber Greenfield and Polito                                                                 2004
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  70. Roesch v Brown 00001.0064.02/Eliz Zanon Lorber Greenfield and Polito        2004
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  75. Young v. Elliott 001.231Downs-- Koeller Nebeker Carlson Haluck                   2003
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  91. InData Corp.v. Verdict Systems, Inc., P.C. CV1999-93390 Plaintiff
  93. James v Salas [Plaintiff] CV 2000-090417 Chapman- Roberts and Rowley       2001
  94. Towne Development [Turk] CV 98-01585 Jennings and Strouss                      2001
  95. Sampling Issues in People v. Pediatrix Medical Group AZ [Plaintiff] AG 198-1053

T.Eisnerand P.Svoboda2000

  1. Racial Profiling  [James and S. Sterman]  Coconino County Attorney              2000
  2. Las Vegas Club v Tiberti Construction C. Murdy at Doyle and Winthrop          2000
  3. Sojaee v. Meyers/ cv98-13840 Petersen and Johnson                                     1999
  4. Crandall v.UHaul Inc.cvBC178775Birnbaum Mariscal, Weeks, McIntyre          1999
  5. Analysis of layoff disparity by age Janensch  Ellis and Baker                          1999
  6. Critique of analysis Plaintiff #cv98-13840AZ Petersen and Johnson           1999
  7. Ranking - Moore and Scanza AAA Dispute American Arbitration Assoc.      1999
  8. Statistical Anal - #cv96-18674 cv97-06776 Preston/Broening Oberg          1998
  9. Age discrimination case  [Brad Denton] Bryan Cave LLP                            1998
  10. R.S and Law School Admission Council, Inc. v. LSAT [Larry Haddy] 14E199 00240 98T/J Larry Haddy                                                                               1998
  11. Sampling Western Family v. CBIA [Plaint] McCarthy- Gust and Rosenfeld  1998
  12. Analysis of age, race, and sex in layoffs Colter @Snell and Wilmer              1998
  13. Survey Methodology in pool hall customers/Thomas Thomas and Elardo   1998
  14. Evaluating Performance [Race] in Taylor v. Picker Int. [R. Cook] Plaintiff #cv97-11434 R. Cook                                                                                                1998
  15. Sampling Issues Schrader v State Farm Lungaretti O’Connor Cavanagh     1997
  16. Sampling/Cutter Aviation v City of Phx Keister @Golston Keister Steen      1996
  17. Evaluation of limousine RFP at Sky Harbor Jennings, Strouss Salmon       1994
  18. Estimation in People v. Dole- [Plain] Ruhl Community. Legal Services         1991
  19. Reviewing Data-Lewis and Roca                                                                1991
  20. AZ Tax Appeal Court of Judges - AZ State tax assessment file #724-90-s #17046.01 AZ Tax Appeal Court of Judges Phoenix Arizona                          1991
  21. Estimation [Plain-Ruhl] cv91-1618-WPC Community Legal Services           1990
  22. Evaluation of Sampling Procedure used IRS IRS‑City of Nogales, Arizona   1988
  23. Tapadero at DC Ranch v. Edmunds-Toll Scott Humble at  
  24. Pyramids at Palm Valley v Condo Assoc Turley, Swan and Childers, P.C. 
  25. Golden Eagle Distributor Inc./Adverse Jerry Grimes-
  26. AZ Civil rights #95-0482 Kirschner Raven and Kirschner, P.C.          
  27. Einsley Trail/James Evans Wood Smith Henning Berman  

Business Firms/Corporation

  1. Sampling Room Selection Quality evaluation Best Western Scottsdale   2005-06
  2. Evaluating Performance Survey [Harbster] Microchip Inc Chandler              2005
  3. Logistic modeling for client satisfaction Advanced PCS                                 2004
  4. Quality Assurance and sample size determination Best Western Phoenix      1999
  5. Opinion Survey Wait times at Vehicle Emission AZ Dept of Env. Quality       1999
  6. Analysis of Guiding Values Survey:  Microchip Inc Chandler AZ             1997-98
  7. Logistic regression model evaluation performance - CIGNA Inquiry Center     1996
  8. Sample size estimates selecting rooms in hotel industry Best Western AZ      1996
  9. Corporate taxes sampling plan: Arizona Department of Revenue Tempe      1995
  10. Sampling plan for auditing files Arizona Department of Revenue Tempe 1994-95
  11. Statistical methods Data Analysis: Workshops: American Express Phoenix   1993
  12. Using regression analysis housing evaluation: Standard Chartered Banks    1992
  13. Obtaining estimates determining quality room in hotel Best Western            1991
  14. Odds ratio repeated data Market Research Bureau WINONA MRB Inc          1991
  15. Attestation procedures Gallant and Company, CPA, Phoenix Arizona           1990
  16. Evaluation sampling procedure Market Research Bureau WINONA MRB Inc  1990
  17. Assessed price versus sales Real Estate Evaluation Group, Chandler Arizona
  18. Analysis of Investor Avanti Associates, Phoenix, Arizona                             1987

Public Opinion Survey Studies

  1. Satisfaction Survey of Primary Care Practitioners: PacifiCare of Arizona       2002
  2. Survey of AZ motor vehicles for wait times response                                     1999
  3. Survey of FHP physicians FHP                                                                  1998
  4. Profile of customers at pool hall                                                                 1998
  5. Survey of FHP physicians FHP                                                                  1997
  6. Public opinion and productivity analysis for the City of Eloy, Arizona          1987
Expertise Areas: