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Jennie Blair

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Univ Registrar Services Dwtn
Assistant Director, University Registrar Services Downtown, Enrollment Services Enrichment Coordinator
University Staff, DTPHX Campus, Mailcode 1020


“Every book is a mystery. And if you read all the books ever written, it's like you've read one giant mystery. And no matter how much you learn, you just keep on learning there is so much more you need to learn”   -- The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Sherman Alexie

Sherman Alexie writes the novels, invents the rhythms, and assembles the poems I wish I could!  This quote speaks to my love of learning, intellection, and discovery. 

I have been at ASU over twenty years – beginning as a student worker and moving through student affairs programs and departments over the years. I completed both of my degrees at ASU and hope to begin my doctoral studies within the next few years. I currently work as the Asst Director of Enrollment services for the Downtown Phoenix campus. I just recently accepted a role as part-time faculty associate with ASU’s Academic Success Programs.

My student service philosophy is framed around the “Starfish Story.”  This idea that all we have to do is make a difference for ONE person is completely emboldening and empowering!  We just have to throw one starfish back into the ocean in order to be a Star Thrower. Everyone has the strength and power to do that. We can all make a difference!  

My "why" in life is live positively and inspirationally so that others may stay committed to open-mindedness, life-long learning, and education.  I know of no other place to live out that personal mission than here at ASU.

I am grateful to ASU for the privilege and opportunity to sit right on the shore and collect starfish as they come my way. For as many times as steadfast and supportive people have tossed me back into the ocean to swim again, I hope to do the same for a least a few students. Having an opportunity to serve students both outside and inside the classroom is truly a rewarding experience.

I will end my post as I began it: with a quote from Sherman Alexie.  “He wanted the songs, the stories, to save everybody.”   I know there are many songs and stories for me to learn as I seek to help and guide the students I will be blessed to work with.

Fall 2020
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UNI 120Academic Success
Fall 2018
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UNI 220Mindset Connections
Fall 2017
Course NumberCourse Title
UNI 120Academic Success