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James Garcia

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CISA-Ldrshp & Intrdisp Studies
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James E. Garcia is a faculty associate, journalist, playwright, director, actor and producer based in Phoenix, Arizona. He has taught at ASU since 2003. Among the courses he has taught: religion, culture and health, Ethnic Studies, screenwriting, playwrighting, cross-cultural writing, news writing, opinion writing, and politics and public policy. 

Garcia is the founder and producing artistic director of New Carpa Theater Co. and the author of more than 30 plays. New Carpa Theater features new and emerging Latino and multicultural productions. In its 20-year history, the nonprofit theater company has cultivated the careers of countless new and emerging artists.

As a journalist, Garcia has worked as a reporter, columnist, foreign correspondent and radio and television commentator. He is the editor & publisher of and a contributing commentator for Garcia was the founding editor of Latino Perspectives Magazine in Phoenix; the first Latino Affairs correspondent for KJZZ, the Phoenix Valley's NPR affiliate; and the first Latino editor of major alternative news weekly in the U.S., the San Antonio Current

His theater work includes:

  • "1070 (We Were Strangers Once Too)", which premiered in 2017 at the Herberger Theater Center. The play tells the story of an immigrant family coping with the passage of Senate Bill 1070 in Arizona, regarded at the time as the most anti-immigrant bill in the nation.
  • "Voices of Valor" was staged at the Gammage Auditorium and the University of Texas at Austin Performing Arts Center. It recounted the impact of Latino veterans and their families during WWII.
  • "American Dreamer: the Life and Times of Raul H. Castro" is a biographical portrait of Arizona's only ever Hispanic governor. It has been staged periodically since 2009.
  • "Ghost Dance Messiah" is a satire on historical and contemporary Native American life.
  • "The Moment", tells the story of an African American family witnessing the election of the nation's first African American president. The play will premier in the fall of 2020.
  • "Miranda's Curse", opens May 13, 2019 at the Herberger Theater Center's KAX Theater.

"My work has been presented everywhere from a 2,500-seat theater to the parking lot of a local art gallery, and everywhere in between. In each and every instance, I've tried to ensure that my plays reflect the story of my community, not just the Latino community but the American community as a whole."


James E. Garcia has a bachelor's in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Arizona State University. 

Spring 2020
Course NumberCourse Title
MLS 502Religion, Culture, and Health
Summer 2019
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ENG 361Scriptwriting
ENG 420Multicultural Autobiographies