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Amy Watson

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Design Strategist
University Staff, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 1006

Amy Carolyn Watson leads the Design Team for the ASU Library Communications and Donor Relations unit, overseeing and contributing to a wide variety of design projects, including environmental, exhibit, wayfinding, advertising and other collateral design. In her role as Design Strategist, she takes a strategic approach to design theory implementation and practice, and utilizes exceptional communication skills to convey complex information in a way that engages, informs and delights the diverse academic and local community the ASU Library serves.‚Äč Amy has a passion for the effect and limitations of copyright on the graphics industry, and in 2014 began an initiative to raise copyright awareness in the graphics industry as part of her applied project in pursuit of her Master of Science in Technology degree. She is also fascinated by brand ambassadorship, and believes strongly in her role as brand steward for ASU and the library.

A gifted enigmatologist who finds joy in solutions to visual problems, Amy is honored to have been a part of several award-winning design teams, including the ASU Library team.

In her spare time, Amy can be found researching, teaching, guiding, and creating 16th century costuming, particularly of the late Elizabethan era.


M.S. Technology (Graphic Information Technology), Arizona State University

B.S. Design (Visual Communication Design), Arizona State University