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Christian Arenz

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Sch Elect Comptr & Energy Engr
Asst Professor
Faculty, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 5706

Christian joined Arizona State University as an assistant professor in the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering in January 2022. Prior to joining ASU he was a lecturer and an associate research scholar at Princeton University. Previously, he completed his PhD in applied mathematics at Aberystwyth University in 2016, where he focused on the control of open and noisy quantum systems. He completed his master’s degree equivalent in theoretical physics from Saarland University in 2012, where he studied quantum optical systems. 

Christian’s current research centers on using tools from control theory to advance quantum information science. His work targets applications such as the design of robust and efficient controls for quantum computing, and the development of quantum algorithms for optimization and machine learning tasks.   

  • Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, Aberystwyth University (UK), 2016
Research Interests: 
  • Quantum control theory
  • Quantum information science
  • Quantum optics 
  • Quantum information theory
  • Open quantum systems 
  • Variational quantum algorithms
Spring 2022
Course NumberCourse Title
EEE 492Honors Directed Study
EEE 493Honors Thesis
EEE 499Individualized Instruction
EEE 590Reading and Conference
EEE 592Research
EEE 595Continuing Registration
EEE 598Special Topics
EEE 599Thesis
CEN 599Thesis
EEE 690Reading and Conference
EEE 790Reading and Conference
EEE 792Research
EEE 795Continuing Registration
EEE 799Dissertation