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Guy Mullins

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Dir Information Technology Svc
University Staff, SkySong Campus, Mailcode 9508
  • Advanced knowledge of multiple communication and information technology tools and processes including: digital video production; documentary and instructional media programming; podcasting, blogs, and wiki environments; motion graphics and animation production; multimedia development; traditional and new media integration; and digital network media distribution
  • Technical design, installation, and utilization of many complex multimedia production systems, analog & digital media workstations, media presentation systems, and stage and set designs in a variety of academic applications, productions, and facilities
  • Extensive knowledge regarding the appropriate application of various media and information technologies in teaching and learning environments
  • Communication at the interpersonal level, as well as multiple mediated modes of delivery and reception
  • Courseware, design, development and delivery throughout K-20 curricula, with empahsis on the integration and applicaton of traditional and digital media tools, technologies, and techniques
M.Ed., Arizona State University
  • Emphasis in Educational Media & Computers
B.A., University of Arizona
  • Major Studies include Radio & Television; Minor Studies include Fine Arts and Business
20 Years of experience in production of higher education media programming
  • Documentary and research material
  • New media communication
  • Video course ware and instructional content
  • Internet media programming and distribution
  • Live multimedia events, Internet and traditional broadcast programming, and interactive video content



Research Interests
  • Visual ethnography and documentary production
  • Trans-media storytelling and documentation
  • Social media communication and knowledge creation
  • Media integration
  • Human-technology interface design and implementation
Research Activity