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Renxuan Xie

Asst Professor
Faculty, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 5001

Renxuan (Ren) Xie is an assistant professor in the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy and the Biodesign Center for Sustainable Macromolecular Materials and Manufacturing at the Arizona State University. He earned his PhD from the Pennsylvania State University and dual bachelor's degrees in chemical engineering and materials science and engineering from the University of Minnesota at Twin Cities. Xie then performed his postdoctoral work at the University of California Santa Barbara. At ASU, he aims to utilize rheology and fundamental polymer physics to develop sustainable polymers and processing methods.

  • Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California, Santa Barbara 
  • Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University 
  • B.S. Materials Science & Engineering, University of Minnesota at Twin Cities
  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota at Twin Cities
Research Interests: 
  • The Xie group aims to develop sustainable processing methods for multifunctional polymers as next-generation polymers in the health and energy industry.
  • The materials of interest include electron-conducting polymers, bottlebrush polymers, branched polymers, self-assembled polymeric colloids, and associative polymers. 
  • The Xie group is also actively engaged in investigating the fundamental physics of polymers with unique architectures and functions by building physical models to understand their impact on chain entanglements, glass transition, crystallization, network, and liquid crystalline phase. 
Research Group: 

Research Methodology

  • In situ rheological characterizations with optical and Raman capabilities provide unprecedented molecular-level insight into processing, thus guiding the designs of polymer structures and ink formulations.
  • Advanced 3D printing methods, such as direct ink writing and electrojet writing, are developed to obtain better print quality more sustainably.
  • Polymer synthesis, including ring-opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP), Grignard metathesis (GRIM) polymerization, atom-transfer radical polymerization (ATRP), are implemented to obtain the desired functional polymer structure.

Research Thrusts

  1. Rheology-informed advanced processing of sustainable materials
  2. Re-processable electrically conductive ink for 3D printing
  3. Novel thermophysical properties driven by unconventional chain architecture
  4. Functional polymer gels and networks as stretchable conductors, actuators, and sensors

Google Scholar


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Summer 2022
Course NumberCourse Title
CHE 792Research
Spring 2022
Course NumberCourse Title
CHE 493Honors Thesis
CHE 792Research
BDE 792Research
Fall 2021
Course NumberCourse Title
CHE 461Process Dynamic Control
Honors / Awards: 
  • 2020 Future Faculty Scholar selected by American Chemical Society Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering Link
  • 2016 Materials Research Society Fall Meeting Poster Award Finalist
Professional Associations: 
  • Society of Rheology
  • American Physical Society
  • American Chemical Society
  • Materials Research Society
  • Peer reviewer for Journal of Rheology, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Journal of Polymer Science, and Polymer International
  • Discussion leader in 2020 Virtual Gordon Research Seminar Polymer Physics