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Rebecca Blais

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Assoc Professor
Faculty, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 1104

Rebecca Blais is a licensed clinical psychologist and an associate professor of psychology. She received her PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Utah (2012) and BA from Connecticut College (2004). Prior to graduate school, she completed a 2-year research assistantship at Yale University in the Schizophrenia Research Program. She is an associate editor of Military Psychology and serves on the executive committee of the Society for Military Psychology (Div 19; APA). In 2022, she will serve as the inaugural chair of research for the society. She is the recipient of the Early Career Research Award from the Society for Military Psychology and Trauma Psychology (Division 56, APA). She is also the recipient of the Gersoni Award and several presidential commendations from the Society for Military Psychology.  

  • Research Post Doc: Rush University, Trauma Psychology Fellow
  • Clinical Post Doc: VA Puget Sound - Seattle Division; HCV/HIV Fellow
  • Internship: VA Puget Sound - Seattle Division
  • PhD: University of Utah, Psychology (Advisor: Keith D. Renshaw, PhD)
  • MS: University of Utah, Psychology (Advisor: Keith D. Renshaw, PhD)
  • BA: Connecticut College, Cum Laude with Distinction in Psychology
Research Interests: 

Broadly speaking, Dr. Blais’ program of research focuses on individual (PTSD, depression, suicide, physical health) and interpersonal (relationship satisfaction, sexual function, social support) outcomes associated with military-related traumas, including combat and sexual assault/harassment. The goal of her program of research is to inform the development or augmentation of screening measures aimed at identifying at-risk groups and augmenting existing clinical interventions to provide a more holistic approach to healing from trauma. She has several lines of inquiry open and is excited to attract lab members who can contribute and grow this program of research.


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Research Activity: 

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Spring 2022
Course NumberCourse Title
PSY 599Thesis
PSY 600Research Methods
Fall 2021
Course NumberCourse Title
PSY 366Abnormal Psychology
PSY 399Supervised Research
PSY 499Individualized Instruction
PSY 592Research