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Timothy Long

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Faculty w/Admin Appointment, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 5001
Center Director & Professor
Faculty w/Admin Appointment, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 5001

Tim Long is the center director of the Biodesign Center for Sustainable Macromolecular Materials and Manufacturing. He earned his B.S. in chemistry from St. Bonaventure University (New York) and conducted his doctoral studies at Virginia Tech.

Long will lead the integration of fundamental research in novel macromolecular structure and polymerization processes with the development of high-performance macromolecules for advanced technologies, taking full advantage 3D printing techniques to drive sustainable production of unprecedented material designs. This work is expected to impact drug delivery, sustainable feedstocks, stimuli-responsive polymers, adhesives and elastomers using the techniques of block copolymers, engineering polymers, controlled polymerization, and biomaterials needed for improving health and energy storage and production. The Biodesign Center for Sustainable Macromolecular Materials and Manufacturing will maintain a focus on the principles of green chemistry utilizing click chemistry for efficient functionalization, solvent-free polymerization processes, design of degradable polymers, and development of sustainable precursors for polymer production.


  • Ph.D., Chemistry, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA. 1987 
  • B. S., Chemistry, St. Bonaventure University, Olean, NY. 1983

Hamachi, L.S.; Rau, D.A.; Arrington, C.B.; Sheppard, D.T.; Fortman, D.J.; Long, T.E.; Williams, C.B.; Dichtel, W.R.  Dissociative Carbamate Exchange Anneals 3D Printed Acrylates.  ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces.  2021 13, 32, 38680-38687

Liu, B.; Chen,X.; Spiering, G.A.; Moore, R.B.; Long, T.E.  Quadruple Hydrogen Bond-Containing A-AB-A Triblock Copolymers: Probing the Influence of Hydrogen Bonding in the Central Block.  Molecules 2021 26, 15, 4705

Lopez de Pariz, X.; Jara, E.C.; Zivic, N.; Ruipérez, F.; Long, T.E.; Sardon, H.  Novel imino- and aryl-sulfonate based photoacid generators for the cationic ring-opening polymerization of ε-caprolactone.  Polymer Chemistry.  2021 12, 4035-4042

Long, T.E.  Asking our early career researchers to envision the future.  Polymer International.  2021 70, 7, 883-884

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Scott, P. J.; Meenakshisundaram, V.; Chartrain, N. A.; Sirrine, J. M.; Williams, C. B.; Long, T. E.  Additive Manufacturing of Hydrocarbon Elastomers via Simultaneous Chain Extension and Crosslinking of Hydrogenated Polybutadiene Oligomers.  In Progress.

Arrington, C.B.; Rau, D.A.; Williams, C.B.; Long, T.E.  UV-assisted direct ink write printing of fully aromatic Poly(amide imide)s: Elucidating the influence of an acrylic scaffold.  Polymer2021 212.

Wolfgang, J.D.; Reynolds, K.J.; Arrington, C.B.; Odle, R.R.; Nazarenko, S.I.; Long, T.E.  Influence of dianhydride regiochemistry on thermomechanical and rheological properties of 3,3′- and 4,4′-polyetherimides.  Polymer2021 212.

Chatham, C.A.; Das, A.; Long, T.E.; Bortner, M.J.; Williams, C.B.  Ageing of PBF-Grade Poly(Phenylene Sulfide) Powder and its Effect on Critical Printability Properties.  Macromolecular Materials and Engineering2021 306, 3.

Zawaski, C.E.; Chatham, C.A.; Wilts, E.M.; Long, T.E.; Williams, C.B.  Using fillers to tune material properties of an ion-containing semi-crystalline poly(ethylene glycol) for fused filament fabrication additive manufacturing.  Additive Manufacturing2021 39, 101844.

Chatham, C.A.; Bortner, M.J.; Johnson, B.N.; Long, T.E.; Williams, C.B.  Predicting mechanical property plateau in laser polymer powder bed fusion additive manufacturing via the critical coalescence ratio.  Materials & Design.  2021 201, 109474.

White, B.T.; Meenakshisundaram, V.; Feller, K.D.; Williams, C.B.; Long, T.E.  Vat photopolymerization of unsaturated polyesters utilizing a polymerizable ionic liquid as a non-volatile reactive diluent.  Polymer2021, 22.

Long, T.  Respecting differences.  Polymer International.  2020.

Dennis, J. M.; Mondschein, R. J.; Wolfgang, J. D.; Hegde, M.; Odle, R.; Long, T. E.  Synthesis and Characterization of Long-Chain Branched Poly(ether imide)s with A(3) Comonomers.  ACS Applied Polymer Materials.  2020, 2 (2), 958-965.

Cao, K.; Stovall, B. J.; Arrington, C. B.; Xu, Z.; Long, T. E.; Odle, R. R.; Liu, G. L.  Facile Preparation of Halogen-Free Poly(ether imide) Containing Phosphonium and Sulfonate Groups.  ACS Applied Polymer Materials.  2020, 2 (1), 66-73.

Cao, K.; Serrano, J. M.; Liu, T. Y.; Stovall, B. J.; Xu, Z.; Arrington, C. B.; Long, T. E.; Odle, R. R.; Liu, G. L.  Impact of metal cations on the thermal, mechanical, and rheological properties of telechelic sulfonated polyetherimides.  Polymer Chemistry.  2020, 11 (2), 393-400.

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