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Michael McQuarrie

Center Dir (ACD) & Asc Professor
Faculty w/Admin Appointment, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 6403
Center Dir (ACD) & Asc Professor
Faculty w/Admin Appointment, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 6403

I am a sociologist at Arizona State University where I direct the Center for Work and Democracy. I am also an Associate Professor in the School of Social Transformation. The main purpose of my work at the Center for Work and Democracy is to address the exclusion of working people from the polity and the marginalization of their voices in their communities and workplaces. In particular, the Center is concerned with the institutional, organizational, and political dimensions of marginalization and empowerment.

My own research concerns are protest and politics, governance, organizations, civil society, and political culture. I am currently conducting ethnographic research in George Floyd Square, the autonomous zone at the site where George Floyd was murdered on May, 25, 2020. Other projects include: place and politics, urban governance, social movement repertoires, and the politicization of care. I teach classes on populism and right-wing authoritarianism, social movements, social change organizations, political sociology, urban sociology, and care and social solidarity. I have conducted qualitative research around the world, including in New York, Cleveland, Mumbai, London, Berlin, Nottingham, and Minneapolis.

Prior to arriving at Arizona State, I have held appointments at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and the University of California, Davis. I have a Ph.D in sociology from New York University and a Masters in history from Duke University. Prior to starting my doctoral work at NYU, I worked as a labor organizer in West Virginia, Ohio, and New York, and I worked as a community organizer in the South Bronx. New York City is always home.


Ph.D. New York University

Research Interests: 

Governance, urban politics and culture, community and regional development, organizations, protest and social movements, and capitalism


Journal Articles

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2013. “No Contest: Participatory Technologies and the Transformation of Urban Authority.” Public Culture 25(1): 143-175.

Republished in Democratizing Inequalities, Caroline Lee, Michael McQuarrie, and Edward Walker, eds. NYU Press, 2014.

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Book Chapters

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