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Jia Zou


Jia Zou is a tenure-track assistant professor in the School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering at Arizona State University. She studies the database systems, with a focus on big data analytics and distributed query processing as well as machine learning systems. Prior to ASU, she was a research scientist in the Department of Computer Science of Rice University, Houston, TX, for almost four years. At Rice, she led the development of the first release of PlinyCompute, a distributed object-oriented database, and I also developed Pangea, a monolithic storage system for Big Data analytics. She also worked for I once worked in IBM Research Laboratory in Beijing, China, for almost six years, where she collaborated with notable database researchers. She worked with real-world deployments and applications of distributed systems, like Hadoop, MongoDB, distributed stock exchanges, IBM System Z and so on. Her recent paper was selected for Honorable Mention in 2019 at the 45th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases. She received her doctorate in computer science from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, in 2008, working on High Performance SIP server.

[New!!!] The Zou group is now recruiting highly motivated graduate and undergraduate students, including 2 Ph.D students for 2020 spring/fall. If you are interested in dramatically improving the performance, security, and autonomy of data-intensive and distributed systems that run in data centers or edge devices for real-world applications, please send your CV to

You can find more information about Zou here:

  • Ph.D. Department of Computer Science, Tsinghua University, China 
Research Interests: 

I am mostly interested in building and improving data-intensive distributed systems, e.g. database systems, machine learning systems, blockchain transaction systems,  and so on, for deterministic performance and decalarative development of various dynamic applications.



Selected Publications

  1. [New!!!] Dimitrije Jankov, Shangyu Luo, Binhang Yuan, Zhuhua Cai, Jia Zou, Chris Jermaine, Zekai J. Gao. Declarative recursive computation on an RDBMS, or, why you should use a database for distributed machine learning, VLDB 2019, PVLDB Volume 12 Issue 7. [14 pages] (PDF) (Best Paper Award Runner-up)
  2. Jia Zou, Arun Iyengar, Chris Jermaine, Pangea: Monolithic Distributed Storage for Data Analytics, VLDB 2019, PVLDB Volume 12 Issue 6. [14 pages] (PDF)
  3. Jia Zou, R Matthew Barnett, Tania Lorido-Botran, Shangyu Luo, Carlos Monroy, Sourav Sikdar, Kia Teymourian, Binhang Yuan, Chris Jermaine, PlinyCompute: A Platform for High- Performance, Distributed, Data-Intensive Tool Development, SIGMOD 2018. [16 pages]
  4. Jia Zou, Juwei Shi, Tongping Liu, Zhao Cao, Chen Wang, Foreseer: Workload-aware Data Storage for MapReduce, ICDCS 2015. [2 pages]
  5. Lanjun Wang, Oktie Hassanzadeh, Shuo Zhang, Juwei Shi, Limei Jiao, Jia Zou, Chen Wang, Schema Management for Document Stores, VLDB 2015, PVLDB Volume 8 Issue 9. [12 pages]
  6. Juwei Shi, Jia Zou, Jiaheng Lu, Zhao Cao, Shiqiang Li, Chen Wang, MRTuner: A Toolkit to Enable Holistic Optimization for MapReduce Jobs, VLDB 2014, PVLDB Volume 7 Issue 13. [12 pages]
  7. Jia Zou, Gong Su, Arun Iyengar, Yu Yuan, Yi Ge, Design and Analysis of a Distributed Multi-leg Stock Trading System, ICDCS 2011. [12 pages]
  8. Jia Zou, Jing Xiao, Rui Hou, Yanqi Wang, Frequent Instruction Sequential Pattern Mining in Hardware Sample Data, ICDM 2010. [6 pages]
  9. Jia Zou, Zhiyong Liang, Yiqi Dai, Scalability Evaluation and Optimization of Multi-core SIP Proxy Server, ICPP 2008. [8 pages]
  10. Jianguo Hao, Jia Zou, Yiqi Dai, A real-time payment scheme for SIP service based on hash chain, ICEBE 2008. [8 pages]
  11. Jia Zou, Wei Xue, Zhiyong Liang, Yixin Zhao, Bo Yang and Ling Shao, SIP Parsing Offload: Design and Performance, GLOBECOM 2007. [6 pages]
  12. Jia Zou, Yiqi Dai, Motivating and Modeling SIP Offload, ICCCN 2007. [6 pages]


Granted Patents

1. with Juwei Shi, Chen Wang and et al. Method and Apparatus for Generating Schema of Non- Relational Database. US Patent 10002142B2, 2018

2. with Li Li, Juwei Shi and et al. Resource management in MapReduce architecture and architec- tural system. US Patent 9582334 B2, 2017

3. with Zhao Cao, Juwei Shi and et al. Scheduling and execution of tasks based on resource avail- ability. US Patent 9495206 B2, 2016

4. with Heng Cao, Juwei Shi and et al. Determining location of a user of a mobile device. US Patent 9374800, B2, 2016

5. with Xiaotao Chang, Fei Chen and et al. Method and system for allocating FPGA resources. US Patent 9389915 B2, 2016

6. with Kun Wang, Tianyi Wang and et al. Data processing method, data query method in a database, and corresponding device. US Patent 9471612 B2, 2016

7. with Bo Yang, Juwei Shi and et al. Method and apparatus for processing database data in distributed database system. US Patent 10140351B2, 2016

8. with Arun Iyengar, Su Gong and et al. Methods and systems for highly available coordinated transaction processing. US Patent 9146944B2, 2015

9. with Stephen Heisig, Yanqi Wang and et al. Computer system performance analysis. US Patent 8639697 B2, 2014

10. with Arun Iyengar, Su Gong and et al. Systems and methods for multi-leg transaction processing. US Patent 8601479 B2, 2013

Summer 2020
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CEN 792Research
Spring 2020
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CSE 598Special Topics
Fall 2019
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CSE 205Object-Oriented Program & Data
CSE 580Practicum
CSE 590Reading and Conference
CEN 590Reading and Conference
CEN 599Thesis
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