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Ajit Maan


Dr. Ajit Maan is a defense and security strategist who focuses on the analysis of narrative in large scale conflict. Her seminal book, Counter-Terrorism: Narrative Strategies, focuses on deconstructing coercive extremist recruitment narratives and demonstrates how certain narrative structures lend themselves to manipulation and how the weaknesses of those structures can be exploited. Maan makes a connection, unique to terrorism studies, between the mechanisms of colonizing narratives and psychological warfare aimed at the recruit.

Her current work seeks to demonstrate that Narrative Warfare is the foundation of information, psychological, and even kinetic warfare, and traces the implications for military strategy as well as post conflict stabilization.

Dr. Maan’s work has had far-reaching implications for counter-terrorism, security strategy, and community engagement in hostile environments. Her work has been the subject of international and multi-disciplinary scholarship and is being used instructional material in defense and security institutions world-wide.

She is the author of several books and her articles have appeared in, Foreign Policy, Real Clear Defense, The Strategy Bridge, Small Wars Journal, Special Operations Forces News, Homeland Security Today, Defense and Intelligence Norway, Stars and Strips, and other policy and military journals.


Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy, University of Oregon, 1997

Master of Arts in English Literature, Kansas State University, 1990

Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications, minors in Psychology and English, North Dakota State University, 1987

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