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Julie Greenwood (she/her)

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Vice Dean for Educational Initiatives
Administrative, SCOTTSDALE Campus, Mailcode 9508
Associate Professor
Faculty, SCOTTSDALE Campus, Mailcode 9508

As the Vice Dean for Educational Initiatives, Dr. Greenwood works with the academic units at all ASU campuses, including deans, department chairs, faculty and staff to strengthen online programming and drive course development that transforms student learning experiences. In this role, Julie oversees Instructional Design and New Media, Learning Experience and Student Success, Adaptive and Personalized Learning, Assessment and Compliance, and the EdPlus Action Lab, leveraging data analytics and educational technology to improve and equalize degree completion. In addition, she is the EdPlus liaison to the University Innovation Alliance and the APLU Personalized Learning Consortium.  Julie received her Ph.D. from the Neuroscience Program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and is Associate Professor in the School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences in New College at ASU.


Ph.D. The University of Alabama at Birmingham 

Research Interests: 

Targeting Glioblastoma Cell Invasion Using Zebrafish Models for 4D Quantitative Imaging

Glioblastoma is an aggressive primary brain tumor with a 5-year survival rate of less than 5%. The ability of glioblastoma cells to invade surrounding brain tissue presents the primary challenge for the success of focal therapeutic approaches. My research interests focus on glioblastoma cell invasion and mechanisms that slow or stop cancer cell movement. To study the invasion process, fluorescently dyed human glioblastoma cells are injected into the brain of embryonic zebrafish. The zebrafish are translucent at this stage allowing us to image into the brain and monitor glioblastoma cells in action. By altering the expression of proteins in the brain environment, specific proteins that simulate or inhibit glioblastoma cell invasion can be identified with potential to develop new approaches for cancer therapy.


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      Figure 6 was chosen as image of the month.  Listed as “Highly Accessed” article.


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