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Logan Darrah

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Collection Maintenance Specialist
University Staff, POLY Campus, Mailcode 1006
Student Information:
Undergraduate Student
Graphic Design
Herberger Institute


Logan (Meghann) Darrah is a Non-binary (They/Them) Anthropologist and Library Specialist who enjoys all things weird and strange. Before coming to ASU, they worked various jobs including multiple student-worker library positions. 

 With interest in cultural thanatology (scientific study of death), epidemiology (distribution and patterns of diseases in populations), forensics and bioarchaeology, they also have a fine collection of skills and hobbies involving art, music, gaming and costuming. A long-time story lover, they enjoy creative writing, reading, and movies- particularly those within the horror genre, as well as forensic mysteries both fiction and non-fiction.
 A cat lover, artist, and computer geek, they spend their free time with their two cats (Khoshekh and Polley), and filtering through a cycle of drawing, writing, gaming, and watching shows.

  • Bachelors in Anthropology (University of Arizona)
  • Thematic Minor in Japanese culture and linguistics
  • Bachelors in Global Health (Arizona State University) - Thanatology and Epidemiology focus