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Stavros Kavouras


Professor Stavros Kavouras is an assistant dean of graduate education and professor of nutrition at Arizona State University. He directs the Hydration Science Lab where he is studying the mechanisms by which water intake impact health and performance. His current research focuses on the effect of water intake on glucose regulation and its implication on children’s hydration and obesity. Kavouras, the author of more than 130 peer review articles and 7,100 citations (h-index 45) has given lectures in 29 countries. He is a section editor of the European Journal of Nutrition and associate editor of Nutrients, Behavioral Medicine and Frontiers in Nutrition. Professor Kavouras is a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine and the European College of Sports Science as well as elected member of the American Society of Nutrition, the Obesity Society, and the American Physiological Society.

(602) 827-2253
  • Post-doc Yale University School of Medicine
  • Ph.D. University of Connecticut
  • M.S. University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
  • B.S. University of Athens, Greece
Hydration Science Lab

Hydration Science Lab

We Study the impact of water intake on Health & Performance
Hydration Science Lab

Hydration Science Lab

The Impact of Copeptin and Vasopessin on Glucose Regulation
Hydration for Performance and Health
Research Interests: 
  • Water intake and glucose homeostasis
  • Hydration and childhood obesity
  • Fluid and electrolyte balance during exercise
  • Hydration assessment & biomarkers
  • Hydration and cardiovascular health
Research Group: 

Hydration Science Lab​


Selected Publications from 130+

  • Adams JD, Capitan-Jimenez C, Burchfield JM, Jansen LT, Kavouras SA. Smartphone-Based Analysis of Urine Reagent Strips Is Inaccurate for Assessing Underhydration. Telemed J E Health (July 18, 2019).
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  • Morin C, Gandy J, Brazeilles R, Moreno LA, Kavouras SA, Martinez H, Salas-Salvadó J, Bottin J, Guelinckx I. Fluid intake patterns of children and adolescents: results of six Liq.In7 national cross-sectional surveys. Eur J Nutr 34: 2551–11, 2018.
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  • Johnson EC, Péronnet F, Jansen LT, Capitan-Jimenez C, Adams JD, Guelinckx I, Jimenez L, Mauromoustakos A, Kavouras SA. Validation Testing Demonstrates Efficacy of a 7-Day Fluid Record to Estimate Daily Water Intake in Adult Men and Women When Compared with Total Body Water Turnover Measurement. J. Nutr. 147:2001-2007, 2017. 
  • Seal AD, Bardis CN, Gavrieli A, Grigorakis P, Adams JD, Arnaoutis G, Yannakoulia M, Kavouras SA. Coffee with High but Not Low Caffeine Content Augments Fluid and Electrolyte Excretion at Rest. Frontiers in Nutrition4: 40, 2017.
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  • Section Editor of the European Journal of Nutrition (Impact Factor: 4.423)
  • Associate Editor of Nutrient (Impact Factor: 4.196)
  • Associate Editor of Behavioral Medicine (Impact Factor: 2.442)
  • Associate Editor of Frontiers in Nutrition, Sports and Exercise Nutrition Section
Professional Associations: 
  • American College of Sports Medicine (1992-present)- Fellow since 2008
  • European College of Sports Science (2007-present)- Fellow since 2010
  • American Physiological Society (1995-present)
  • American Society for Nutrition (2014- present)
  • Obesity Society (2016-present)
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (2016-2018)
  • Professionals in Sports and Exercise Science (2012-present)
  • Interest Group in Nutrition of the American College of Sports Medicine (2003-present)
  • Hellenic Bioscientific Association in the USA (2016-present)