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Tobias Harper

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Assistant Professor
Faculty, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 4302

Toby Harper is a historian of modern Britain and the British Empire. His most recent work is on the social, political and cultural history of the modern British honours system. He is currently researching the history of freshwater fish and angling in the British Empire in the nineteenth and twentieth century, including the acclimatization of fish, beliefs about fish behavior, the expansion of recreational angling, and the interaction between angling culture and practice.

  • Ph.D. Columbia University 2014
  • M.A. University of Auckland, New Zealand 2007
Research Interests: 

Toby's book From Servants of the Empire to Everyday Heroes: The British Honours System and the People in the Twentieth Century (Oxford: OUP, 2020) shows how a seemingly “traditional”, even archaic-looking institution – the British honours system – expanded and modernized in the twentieth century to serve imperial and domestic political priorities. It argues that one major consequence of the persistence and growth of honors in Britain and the British Empire was a connection between the expansion of the state through imperial and social democratic institutions and the expansion – or democratization – of hierarchy. As new groups were granted status in established power structures they also became invested in distinguishing themselves in an elaborate status system. The expansion of the state popularized hierarchy more than egalitarianism. At the same time, in parts of the decolonizing former empire, especially Ireland and India, nationalist governments reacted against the honours system, making it a symbol of what was wrong with the empire. In both cases the honours system offered a powerful set of symbols in debates about the relationship between the empire, government, the monarchy and social order.

In other words, the more the British Crown ranked people, the more the people cared about rank.


Peer Reviewed:

"Harold Wilson’s ‘Lavender List’ Scandal and the Shifting Moral Economy of Honour", Twentieth Century British History, advance copy available: hwy048,

“The Order of the British Empire after the British Empire”, Canadian Journal of History, 52, 3 (December 2017), 509-32.

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“‘Amen, Amen!’ Christianity, Society and Visions of the Future in 1920s New Zealand”, New Zealand Journal of History, 42, 2, (2008) 133-53.

Other historical writing:

"The Shame of 'Sir': British honours and decolonization", Aeon, 29 October 2018, online at:

“‘Going Native’ with Dune’s Paul Atreides”, Imperial and Global Forum, 26 June 2018, online at:

“A Two-tier System”, History and Policy Opinion Article, 2 July 2015, online at:

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