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Irina Levin

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Center Associate Director and CLI Director
Academic Prof w/Admin Appt, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 4202

Irina Levin is an anthropologist whose research and teaching interests are in migration studies, the anthropology of law, the political theory of sovereignty and mobility, gender and labor studies, and Eurasian and Middle Eastern studies. Dr. Levin is the Associate Director of the Melikian Center and Director of its Critical Languages Institute.

Dr. Levin's ethnographic fieldwork has been with a forcibly displaced community in Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey. This work is focused on issues of disputed citizenship, legacies of displacement, narratives of collective trauma, and the social and political work of identity documents. As both states and individuals try to establish and maintain security in precarious times, displaced people's efforts to make legal and moral claims highlight key tensions in human rights, immigration, and citizenship law. Dr. Levin's work traces these tensions as they echo across both “east” and “west,” market and command economies, and national law and humanitarian praxis.

Dr. Levin is currently working on her book manuscript and several articles. In August 2019, she launched her new research project with women from the former Soviet Union working in Turkey.


  • PhD Anthropology, New York University, 2017
  • BA Anthropology and Psychology, Washington University in St. Louis, 2005
Research Interests

Former Soviet Union, the Caucasus, Turkey; migration, citizenship, law, sovereignty, nationalism, gender and sexuality, labor


2019. "Migration, Politics, and the Limits of Multiculturalism in a Turkish Museum." Journal of Museum Education 44 (1): 41-52.

2018. "Teymur Atesli: A Traitor-Hero for the Cold-War Era." All the Russias Blog, NYU Jordan Center.

2017. "Caught in a Bad Romance: Displaced People and the Georgian State." Citizenship Studies 22 (1) 19-36.


Spring 2020
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HON 394Special Topics
LIA 494Special Topics
Spring 2019
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HON 394Special Topics
Fall 2018
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HON 394Special Topics