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Luiza Teophilo Aparecido

Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Post Doctoral Scholars, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 6004

I am a plant ecologist and forest engineer that has worked in extreme sites, such as Amazon and Sonoran desert. My degrees are: BS in forest engineering (2012; UFPR-Brazil), MS in tropical forest science (2014; INPA-Brazil), and PhD in Ecosystem Science and Management (2017; Texas A&M University). Before my current postdoctoral appointment at Arizona State University-SESE, I was a postdoctoral researcher at SOLS (2018-2020), also at ASU. My background is strongly based on forest biometry and sampling; phytosociological surveys; plant functional biology; ecohydrology/physiology; wood anatomy and hydraulics; and environmental biophysics. My research goals are to investigate how plant communities function in response to disturbances (climatic or physical), and how that can be applied to models and conservation practices.