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Vincent Milesi

  • PhD in Earth Sciences (2011-2015), specialty Geochemistry, Dual degree: IPGP (Paris), UERJ (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Master in Earth Sciences (2009-2011), specialty Geochemistry, IPGP, Paris
  • Bachelor in Earth Sciences (2006-2009), Univ. Saint Etienne, France
Research Interests: 

Vincent Milesi is a geochemist, specialist of water-rock interactions with extensive skills in numerical modeling that he applies to understand the behavior and fate of chemical species in surface and sub-surface environments. He is especially interested in understanding how water-rock interactions control the habitability of extreme environments. His research interests span from the abiotic formation of organic compounds under hydrothermal conditions, the early diagenesis of carbonates in alkaline lakes and how water-rock interactions shape the bioenergetic landscape for microbial metabolisms. Through his career, he developed expertise in laboratory experiments under hydrothermal conditions, geochemical sampling and sample characterization (gas, rock and water) and numerical geochemical modelling (reaction paths and reactive transport modelling).

  • Milesi V., Shock E., Ely T., Lubetkin M., Sylva S. P., Huber J. A., Smith A.R., Kobs Nawotniak S., German C.R. and Lim D. S. (2021) Forward geochemical modeling as a guiding tool during exploration of Sea Cliff hydrothermal field, Gorda Ridge. Planetary and Space Science, 197, 105151.
  • Cadeau P., Jézéquel D., Leboulanger C., Fouilland É., Le Floc’h E., Chaduteau C., Milesi V., Guélard J., Sarazin G., Katz A., d’Amore S., Bernard C. and Ader M. (2020). Carbon isotope evidence for large methane emissions to the Proterozoic atmosphere. Scientific reports, 10(1), 1-13.
  • Milesi V., Debure M., Marty N. Capano M., Jézéquel D., Steefel C., Rouchon V., Albéric P., Bard E., Sarazin G., Guyot F., Virgone A., Gaucher E.C. and Ader M. (2020) Early Diagenesis of Lacustrine Carbonates In Volcanic Settings: the Role of Magmatic CO2 (Lake Dziani Dzaha, Mayotte, Indian Ocean) ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, in press
  • Milesi V., Jézéquel D., Debure M., Cadeau P., Guyot F., Sarazin G., Claret F., Vennin E., Chaduteau C., Virgone A., Gaucher E.C. and Ader M. (2019) Formation of magnesium‐smectite during lacustrine carbonates early diagenesis: Study case of the volcanic crater lake Dziani Dzaha (Mayotte – Indian Ocean). Sedimentology, 66: 983-1001
  • Gérard E., De Goeyse S., Hugoni M., Agogué H., Richard L., Milesi V., Guyot F., Lecourt L., Borensztajn S., Joseph M.B., Leclerc T., Sarazin G., Jézéquel D., Leboulanger C., Ader M. (2018) Key Role of Alphaproteobacteria and Cyanobacteria in the Formation of Stromatolites of Lake Dziani Dzaha (Mayotte, Western Indian Ocean). Front. Microbiol. 9, 796
  • Milesi V., McCollom T. and Guyot F. (2016) Thermodynamic constraints on the formation of condensed carbon from serpentinization fluids. Geochim. Cosmochim. Ac. 189, 391-403
  • Milesi V., Prinzhofer A., Guyot F., Benedetti M. and Rodrigues R. (2016) Contribution of siderite–water interaction for the unconventional generation of hydrocarbon gases in the Solimões basin, north-west Brazil. Mar. Petrol. Geol. 71, 168-182
  • Milesi V., Guyot F., Brunet F., Richard L., Recham N., Benedetti M. and Prinzhofer A. (2015) Formation of CO2, H2 and condensed carbon from siderite dissolution in the 200–300°C range and at 50MPa. Geochim. Cosmochim. Ac. 154, 201-211

Designing computing tools (Jupyter Notebook) to increase accessibility to geochemical modelling

  • Evolution of fluid composition along hydrothermal circulation
  • Calculation of dissolved carbon speciation as function of pressure, temperature and redox conditions

Mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students

  • Fall 2019, undergraduate research project: Chemical disequilibria in the Yellowstone National Park hydrothermal fluids
  • Spring-Fall 2017, graduate research project: H2 generation from NH3-rich fluid/Fe-oxides interactions under hydrothermal conditions

Invited lecturer, Seafloor hydrothermal systems and microbial life’s habitats, Arizona State Univ, Fall 2018

Teaching assistant at IPGP/Univ. Paris Diderot (P7), Session 2014-2015

  • Organic geochemistry, 2nd year BSc, 36h
  • Physics and chemistry for geosciences: chemistry, 1st year BSc, 30h
  • Physics and chemistry for geosciences: physics (thermodynamics), 2nd year BSc, 30h
  • IPGP: consulting services as self-employed on numerical geochemical modeling
  • TOTAL company: new insights on the formation of carbonate reservoir rocks
  • HRTOil&Gas company: consulting services for decision making on exploratory wells
Expertise Areas: