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Rachel Leket-Mor

Associate Librarian
Academic Professional, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 1006
Professional Affiliate
Academic Professional, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 1006

Rachel joined ASU in 2002 as a bibliographer of Jewish Studies and served as subject librarian for Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Medieval and Renaissance Studies. As Open Stack Collections Curator, a position she took on in 2017, Rachel is responsible for strategy and management of ASU Library's openly accessible resources and print collections.

With her education in the fields of Hebrew linguistics and theoretical translation studies and strong background in publishing, Rachel established the IsraPulp Collection of Hebrew-language popular litrature, the only such collection of rare pulps (1930s–current). She is the curator of this collection since its inception in 2004.

Rachel is the editor of Judaica Librarianship, the peer-reviewed journal of the Association of Jewish Libraries, which she transferred from print to online publishing in 2013.


Master of Arts. Information Resources and Library Science. University of Arizona. Tucson, AZ. 2007.

Master of Arts. Translation Studies. Tel Aviv University. Summa cum laude. 2002. MA Thesis: Yaʻakov Orland as a Translator of Children’s Literature. [Hebrew; OCLC 233405350]

Editing Certificate. Bar Ilan University. 1993.

Bachelor of Arts. Comparative Literature and General Studies (Hebrew Linguistics, Classics). Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 1991.

Research Interests: 

History of the Book, Translation Studies, Hebrew Linguistics, Popular Literature, Library and Information Science.


Refereed Publications

  • Leket-Mor, Rachel, and Fred Isaac. 2020. “The Sydney Taylor Book Award at Fifty: Trends in Canonized Jewish Children’s Literature (1968–2020). ” Judaica Librarianship 21, 58–94.
  • Ornan, Uzzi and Rachel Leket-Mor. 2016. "Phonemic Conversion as the Ideal Romanization Scheme for Hebrew: Implications for Hebrew Cataloging." Judaica Librarianship 19: 43–72. doi:10.14263/2330-2976.1169.
  • Leket-Mor, Rachel. 2011. “The Israeli Popular Literature Collection at ASU Libraries.” Judaica Librarianship 16/17: 1–53.Reviews the history of Hebrew non-canonized literature and the unique collection I established at ASU Libraries. Featured on journal cover.
  • Leket, Rachel. 2004. "'Unspeakable' Translation Norms: Ya'akov Orland as a Translator of Children's Literature." Olam Katan, Journal of Children's Literature Studies 2: 141–168.

Edited Publications

  • Leket, Rachel. 1998. "In the Sanctum Sanctorum of des Esseintes." In Huysmans, J.-K., Benny Ziffer, Yoram Bronowski, and Rahel Leket. Le-hefekh. Mif`al le-targum sifre mofet. Yerushalayim: Karmel. Joris-Karl Huysmans' Á Rebours (Against Nature), Hebrew translation.


  • Leket-Mor, Rachel. 2014. "A Portrait of the Librarian as an Emerging Publisher: A Proactive Approach." Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication. Poster presented at the Library Publishing Forum, Kansas City, MO.
  • Leket-Mor, Rachel. 2007. "The Israeli Popular Literature Collection at ASU Libraries." Association for Jewish Studies 39th Annual Conference, Toronto, Ontario (poster session with continually run slides).

Exhibits Curated

  • Jewish Refugees in Shanghai. Co-curated with Qian Liu. Hayden Library, ASU Libraries. November–December 2015. Revised posters from Shanghai’s Jewish Refugees Museum; ASU’s Confucius Institute and Center for Jewish Studies, and the Cutler-Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center in Phoenix.
  • The Nature of Creation: Joseph Haydn’s Oratorio and Beyond. Hayden Library, ASU Libraries. March–May 2015. In conjunction with ASU’s Creation Project.
  • Manifold Greatness: The Creation and Afterlife of the King James Bible. A Traveling Exhibition sposored by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the American Library Association, and a local exhibit based on ASU Libraries materilas. Part of a sponsored project that included free panel discussions for the public and student competition. Hayden Library, 2011.
  • Teach Them Diligently to Your Children: Jewish Ritual and Music. In conjunction with the semester-long project, "Ways of Happiness, Paths of Peace: Bernstein, Bloch, and Music of the Jewish Tradition. ASU's Music Library. 2007.
  • Living with Jewish Books. In honor of Edward and Mae Zipperstein, donors of a 10,000 book collection of Judaica, Religious Studies, and Philosophy. Hayden Library. 2004. 

Book Reviews

  • Leket-Mor, Rachel. 2005. "Jewish Translation History: A Bibliography of Bibliographies and Studies." Target: International Journal of Translation Studies​ 17 (1): 171–178.
  • Leket-Mor, Rachel. 2012. “ha-Migdal nifrak: hidushe milim shel yeladim ve-nituham. Michal Segal. Tel Aviv: Mekhon Mofet, 2012. (The Tower Falled [sic!]: Words Innovations Created by Children, and Their Analysis).” Association of Jewish Libraries Reviews, May/June 2012, Vol. 2: 40–41.
  • Leket-Mor, Rachel. 2010. “Milon ha-Tserufim: nivim u-matbe’ot lashon ba-‘Ivrit ha-hadashah: gilgulim, mekorot, shimushim. Rosenthal, Ruvik. 962 p. Dictionary of Hebrew idioms and phrases. Jerusalem: Keter Books, 2009.” Association of Jewish Libraries Newsletter,May/June 2010; XXIX (4): 38.
  • Leket-Mor, Rachel. 2006. “Learn to Write the Hebrew Script: Aleph through the Looking Glass. Orr-Stav, Jonathan. Association of Jewish Libraries Newsletter, September/October 2006; XXVI (1): 42.
  • Leket-Mor, Rachel. 2005. “Talk: 101 Hebrew Roots and the Stories They Tell. Lowin, Joseph.” Association of Jewish Libraries NewsletterSeptember/October 2005; XXV (1): 47.
Research Activity: 
  • From Siófok to New York to the American Southwest: The Life, Music, and Personal Library of Emmerich Kálmán, Composer of Arizona Lady. Association of Jewish Libraries Annual Conference. New York, NY. June 20, 2017.
  • Treasures Within: Zines at ASU Libraries. Arizona Library Association Annual Conference. Tucson, AZ. November 4, 2016.
  • Hebrew Pulp Westerns: Themes, Publishers, (Pseudo)translators, and Readers, 1930s–1990s. Pulp Studies Symposium: Sensational Scholarship. James Madison University’s Special Collections, October 8, 2016.
  • Community Outreach and Collaboration with Multicultural Communities at Arizona State University and Beyond; co-presented with Nancy Godoy, Joyce Martin, and Qian Liu. National Diversity in Libraries Conference at UCLA. August 11, 2016.
  • A Niche Collection in a Non-Knish Land: On Stewarding and Marketing a ‘Special’ Special Collection. Association of Jewish Libraries Annual Conference. Charleston, SC. June 21, 2016.
  • So You Want to Get Published: Some Dos and Some Don'ts in Scholarly Publishing. Association of Jewish Libraries Annual Conference (2014).
  • Scholarly Communication JS Style: Mapping Jewish Studies Acadmic Journals. Association of Jewish Libraries Annual Conference (2013).
  • Fostering Leadership: The AJL Survey and Its Implications. Association of Jewish Libraries Annual Convention (with Joyce Levine, 2011). 
  • Bring the World to Your Library: A Conversation about International Collection Development. Co-presented with Melissa Guy in a roundtable discussion. Arizona Library Association Annual Conference (2010). 
  • When Kliff G’ones Spent the Night at Stalag 13: Valuing Popular Israeli Literature in Academic Libraries. 15th World Congress of Jewish Studies (2009).
  • It’s Bond, the Hebrew Bond: the Israeli Popular Literature Collection at ASU Libraries. Arizona Library Association Annual Conference (2008).
  • Library Exhibits and International Collections: Moving into the Future. Arizona Library Association (2008).
  • Hebrew Publishing in America: the Forgotten Shainberg Library Book Series. Association of Jewish Libraries  Annual Convention (2008).
  • Haredi [Ultra-Orthodox] Movies on CD-ROMs: Current Trends in Israeli Cinema. Association of Jewish Libraries Annual Convention (2008). 
  • Israeli Librarianship: Collecting, Representing, and Balancing. Arizona Library Association Annual Conference (2007).
  • Israeli Popular Literature Collection at ASU Libraries. Association of Jewish Libraries Annual Convention (2006).

Editor-in-Chief, Judaica Librarianship (peer-reveiwed journal). 2012–present.

Professional Associations: 

American Library Association; Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), 2006–2015

  • Convener, Popular Cultures Discussion Group (ACRL), 2013–2014

American Theological Libraries Association, 2011–2017

  • Member, ATLA Planning Committee: IFLA’s satellite full-day conference, Fostering Global Communication among Religions and Libraries, 2016
  • Member, 2012 Annual Conference Planning Committee (Scottsdale, AZ), 2010–2012

Arizona Library Association, 2007–present

  • Member, Horner Fellowship Committee. 2009–2012
  • Chair, International Interest Group, 2010

Association for Jewish Studies (intermittent)

Association of Jewish Libraries, 2003–present

  • Member, Strategic Planning Team, 2013–2016
  • President, Research Libraries, Archives, and Special Collections Division, 2010–2012
  • Member, Judaica Reference and Bibliography Awards, 2010–2012
  • Co-Chair, AJL Survey Workgroup, 2010–2011
  • Vice-President, Research Libraries, Archives, and Special Collections Division, 2008–2010
  • Chair, Judaica Reference and Bibliography Awards, 2008–2010
  • Co-Chair, Strategic Planning Taskforce, 2008–2010
  • Co-Chair, AJL 42nd Annual Convention. Scottsdale, AZ, 2007

The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing, 2017–present

  • Academic Advisor, Histo-News Student Club / ASU's TRIO Upward Bound 2018 Senior Class Project; collaboration with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. 2017–2018.
  • Public presenations, ranging from Hebraica and Judaica collections at ASU Library to “A Needle in a Haystack, A Zine in Hayden Stacks: Hidden Treasures at ASU Libraries,” 2016.
  • Public programs such as “True Stories and Tall Tales in the Old West: the Earps à la Bitter Herbs.” A panel discussion with author Ann Kirschner (Lady at the O.K. Corral: the True Story of Josephine Marcus Earp; Harper, 2013), ASU history professor Eduardo Pagán (Co-Host, PBS’s History Detectives), and Arizona Historical Society historian Bruce Dinges (Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Arizona History. Arizona Jewish Historical Society, Cutler-Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center, Phoenix, AZ. 2013.