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Edward Oetting

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Librarian (FSC)
Academic Professional, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 1006

Edward Oetting is the Subject Librarian for the following disciplines: History, Political Science, Global Studies,Military Science,   African & African-American Studies, and Ethnic-American Studies. His academic training is in history and library science with a specialization in archival administration. In addition to his current position with the ASU Libraries, he has worked previously in the field of archives and manuscripts.

Research Interests
Mr. Oetting's current research interest concerns the use and evaluation of primary source material on the internet. His current professional activities focus on the use and promotion of historical materials, in particular manuscript material. Pursuing this interest, Mr. Oetting serves as the Executive Director of The Manuscript Society, the largest and oldest international organization devoted to the collection, preservation, use and enjoyment of manuscripts and autographs.