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Graduate Associate
Graduate Assistant/Associate,

Qian (Chan) Yuan is a Ph.D. Candidate studying geological sciences under Mingming Li and Richard Hervig in the School of Earth and Space Exploration of ASU. Qian's primary research focuses on using computer simulations studying how mantle convections influence the deep mantle dynamics. Additionally, he uses high-resolution analytical tools (SIMS & NanoSIMS) to study the non-traditional stable isotopes of hydrated mantle minerals.

Research Interests: 

I am now a Ph.D. candidate studying geodynamics, in particular, mantle convection. Earth’s mantle is like the chocolate shell of a Cadbury Creme Egg. It is solid but it behaves as a fluid over billions of years. My research focuses on using computer simulations together with knowledge from seismology, mineral physics and geochemistry to explore how the “chocolate” convection evolves and leads to profound geological processes like plate tectonics, earthquake and volcano eruptions.

Research Group: 

Geophysics & SIMS-NanoSIMS