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Man Su

Research Division 2 Tempe
Grad Service Assistant
Graduate Assistant/Associate, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 5411
Student Information:
Graduate Student
Learning, Literacies and Technologies
MaryLouFulton Teachers College


Ph.D. in Learning, Literacies, and Technologies         Arizona State University 

M.A. in Bilingual/Bicultural Education                         Teachers College, Columbia University 

B.A. in Advanced Interpretation and Translation        Dalian University of Foreign Languages, China 




Research Interests: 

My research focuses on the design, development, integration, and evaluation of immersive learning experiences. Currently, I am conducting research on agent-based simulation to help students learn natural selection and understand the emergent processes of complex systems.

Research Group: 

Man Su is currently a research assistant at the Learning and Cognition Lab and the DELTA lab. 

She was also a member of the Embodied Games Lab and was a research assistant for the Technology Infusion Group at ASU. 

Her strong interest in simulations and games, and interdisciplinary research propels her to co-found the Games for Infinity Lab at ASU.


Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • Su, M., Chi, M. T. H.(In Preparation) Designing Multimedia Simulation Modules to Foster Understandings of Emergent Processes and Address Misconceptions in Learning Natural Selection. 
  • Ha, J., Pérez Cortés, L.E., Su, M. et al. The impact of a gamified mobile question-asking app on museum visitor group interactions: an ICAP framing. Intern. J. Comput.-Support. Collab. Learn (2021).
  • Foulger, T.S., Buss, R.R. & Su, M. The IT2 Survey: contextual knowledge (XK) influences on teacher candidates’ intention to integrate technology. Education Tech Research Dev (2021).
  • Nelson, B. C., Bowman, C. D. D., Bowman, J. D., Cortés, L. E. P., Adkins, A., Escalante, E., Owen, B.L., Ha, J., Su, M. (2019). Ask Dr. Discovery: the impact of a casual mobile game on visitor engagement with science museum content. Educational Technology Research and Development, 1–18.
Research Activity: 

Peer-Reviewed International Conference Proceedings and Presentations 

  • Su, M. (Accepted) AR-supported Collaborative Game for Understanding Complex Systems. 7th International Conference of the Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN 2021)
  • Perez Cortes, L. E., Ha, J., Su, M., Nelson, B. C. (Accepted) GuARdians of Tomorrow: A Compelling Simulation for Understanding Sustainability. International Conference of the Learning Sciences 2021 Conference, Bochum, Germany.
  • Su, M., Cho, J. Y., Chi, M. T. H., Boucher, N., Vanbibber, B. (Long Paper Accepted) Designing Simulation Module to Diagnose Misconceptions in Learning Natural Selection. International Conference of the Learning Sciences 2021 Conference, Bochum, Germany.
  • Su, M. (2021) Rethinking the Role of Games and Simulations in STEM Learning & Instruction. Ignited Talk. Connected Learning Summit, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts. 
  • Buss, R., Foulger, T. S., & Su, M. (2021). Assessing Influences of Contextual Knowledge on Technology Integration: Intention to Teach with Technology (IT2) Survey. American Educational Research Association 2021 Virtual Conference.
  • Johnson-Glenberg, M., Su, M., Bartolomea, H., Ly, V., Zavala, R.N., Kalina E. (2020) Embodied, Gesture-Based STEM Education: 2D Computer versus 3D VR Effects on Learning. Immersive Learning Research Network 2020 Conference, San Luis Obispo, California, CA.
  • Su, M., Cho, J. Y., Vanbibber, B., Ha, J., Chi, M. T. H. (2020) Diagnosis of Misconceptions with Coherent Underlying Structure in Learning Diffusion. International Conference of the Learning Sciences 2020 Conference, Nashville, TN. 
  • Ha, J., Su, M., Chi, M. T. H. (2020) Misunderstandings of Teachers Applying ICAP Theory into Practice. International Conference of the Learning Sciences 2020 Conference, Nashville, TN.
  • Ha, J., Cortés, L. E. P., Su, M., Nelson, B.C. (2020) Media-Enhanced Group Inquiry and Interaction in Museums using Ask Dr. Discovery. American Educational Research Association 2020 Conference, San Francisco, CA.
  • Foulger, T. S., Buss, R., Su, M., Donner, J., Wetzel, K. (2019). Predicting teacher candidates’ future use of technology: The development and validation of a survey using theory of planned behavior. Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education Annual 2019 Conference, Las Vegas, NV.
  • Su, M. & Foulger, T. S. (2019). We aren’t there yet: A progression of literature on TPACK measures to assess technology integration. Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education Annual 2019 Conference, Las Vegas, NV.
  • Literat, I., Chang, Y. K., Ahn, D., Zhu, W. Y., Su, M. (2019). Gamifying Fake News: Playful Approaches to News Literacy Education for Middle School Students. American Educational Research Association 2019 Conference, Toronto, Canada.


National Conference Workshop Presentation  

  • Literat, I., Truss, A., Su, M., Lei, S.R., Hsu, S.Y. (2019). Gamifying fake news. Workshop session at the National Association for Media Literacy Education 2019 Conference in Washington, D.C. 


State Conference Presentation

  • Su, M., & Cang, X.S. (2019) VR/AR based-language learning and instruction: A meta-analysis. Presentation at the 6th Annual AZCALL conference, Tempe, AZ. 


University Conference Presentations 

  • Su, M. (2019) TPACK Competencies Development for Early Childhood Teachers: A Study to Understand Factor Perspectives on Technology Integration. Learning Sciences Graduate Student Conference, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
  • Su, M. & Foulger, T. S. (2019, January). Assessments of Technology Integration Skills: A Progression of Literature on TPACK Measures. Research poster session presented at the 5th Annual Teachers College Doctoral Council Educational Research Conference, Tempe, AZ. 


Invited Talk and Presentation

  • Buss, R., Crawford, D., Donner, J., Foulger, T., Kolb, L., Lange, J., Montes, K., & Su, M. (2020) Measuring Teacher Candidates’ Technology Integration Development in a Technology-Infused Preparation Program. Panel discussion at the International Society for Technology in Education Annual 2020 Conference, Anaheim, CA.
  • Song, J., Su, M., & Zhang, Q. (2019) Chinese History Education: its current state and the path for improvement, A video game proposal. US-China Game Summit, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI. 

Book Chapters 

  • Vasquez, A., Dominguez, A., Ha, J., Riske, A., Rylak, D., Su, M. (Accepted). Confronting White Supremacy in Higher Education Through De/Re-constructing Identity Narratives. Toward Abolishing White Supremacy in Higher Education (Vol. 14). Equity in Higher Education Theory, Policy, & Praxis, Peter Lang Publishing, NY
Fall 2021
Course NumberCourse Title
EDT 180TechLtrcy Prblm Slvng DigTech
Honors / Awards: 

2019 Best Empirical Paper Award from AERA Media, Culture, and Learning SIG 

Professional Associations: 

American Educational Research Association 

Division C, Learning and Instruction

Technology, Instruction, Cognition, and Learning SIG

Design and Technology SIG


Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education

Digital Games & Simulations SIG

Teaching & Learning with Emerging Technologies SIG


Communication Officer at Teachers College Doctoral Council, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University

Industry Positions: 

Learning Designer at an Educational Consulting Company in NYC

Academic Project Coordinator at Teachers College Columbia University 

Chinese Language Associate at Columbia University

Freelance Interpreter and Translator