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Salah Hamdoun

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Sch Future of Innov in Society
Grad Research Associate
Graduate Assistant/Associate, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 5603
Student Information:
Graduate Student
Innovation in Global Development
College of Global Futures



Hamdoun, S., Michael, K., Monteleone, R., & Bookman, T. (2020). Assistive Technologies for Greatly Improved Quality of Life for People Living with MND/ALS. IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, 1.


Michael, K., Kobran, S., Abbas, R., & Hamdoun, S. (2019). Privacy, Data Rights and Cybersecurity: Technology for Good in the Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. In 2019 IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society, ISTAS 2019 [8937956] (International Symposium on Technology and Society, Proceedings; Vol. 2019-November). Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc..

Blog Posts


Graff, S. B., N. Berman, R. Aggarwal, C. M. Edwards, C. Morehart, S. Hamdoun, D. Manuel-Navarrete, O. Iheduru, H. Eakin, M. Parmentier, G. Grossman and N. Chhetri. 2020. If "the economy" is collapsing, how do people survive? [Blog Post]. Retrieved from