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Meagan Docherty

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Postdoctoral Scholar
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Postdoctoral Scholar
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Meagan Docherty earned her Ph.D. in developmental psychology at Rutgers University-Newark under the mentorship of Paul Boxer. Her research focuses on ecological risk and developmental psychopathology, particularly callous-unemotional traits. She is especially interested in how callousness might serve as a coping mechanism for youth exposed to violence and trauma. 


Docherty, M., Beardslee, J., Grimm, K. J., Pardini, D. (in press). Distinguishing between- from within-individual predictors of gun carrying among Black and White males across adolescence. Law and Human Behavior.

Beardslee, J., Docherty, M., Yang, V. J. H.*, & Pardini, D. (in press). Parental disengagement in childhood, adolescent gun carrying, and potential mediating mechanisms. Pediatrics.

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Pardini, D., Hawes, S., Docherty, M., & Byrd, A. (2018). Interpersonal callousness, negative emotionality, and hyperactivity/impulsivity as precursors to early-onset conduct problems and criminal offending into adulthood. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 57(8), 583-592.e3.

Beardslee, J., Docherty, M., Mulvey, E., Schubert, C., & Pardini, D. (2018). Childhood risk factors associated with adolescent gun carrying among Black and White males: An examination of self-protection, social influence, and antisocial propensity explanations. Law and Human Behavior, 42(2), 110-118.

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Boxer, P., Docherty, M., Kubik, J., Ostermann, M., & Veysey, B. (2017). Effectiveness of multisystemic therapy for gang-involved youth offenders: One year follow-up analysis of recidivism outcomes. Children and Youth Services Review, 73, 107-112.

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Docherty, M., Boxer, P., Huesmann, L. R., O’Brien, M., & Bushman, B. J. (2016). Exploring primary and secondary variants of psychopathy in adolescents in detention and in the community. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 45(5), 564-578.

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Boxer, P., Groves, L., & Docherty, M. (2015). Video games do indeed influence children and adolescents’ aggression, prosocial behavior, and academic performance: A clearer reading of Ferguson (2015). Perspectives on Psychological Science, 10(5), 671-673.

Chung, H. L., & Docherty, M. (2011). The protective function of neighborhood social ties on psychological health. American Journal of Health Behavior, 35(6), 785-796.


Developmental Psychology, consulting editor

Professional Associations: 

American Psychological Association

      Division 5: Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

      Division 7: Developmental Psychology

      Division 41: American Psychology-Law Society

American Society of Criminology

Society for Research on Adolescence

International Society for Research on Aggression

International Society for Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology