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Joseph O'Rourke

Asst Professor
Faculty, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 6004

Joseph Ghilarducci O’Rourke joins ASU as an assistant professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration in January of 2020. He’s a planetary scientist specializing in understanding how dynamic processes deep within planets control their surface conditions over geologic time, including volcanism, tectonics, and magnetism. His research covers many planetary bodies including Earth, Venus, Mars, large asteroids and exoplanets. He’s increasingly involved in proposing spacecraft mission and instrumentation development for solar system exploration.


Ph.D. California Institute of Technology

M.S. California Institute of Technology

B.S. Yale University

Summer 2020
Course NumberCourse Title
SES 692Research
SES 792Research
SES 799Dissertation
Spring 2020
Course NumberCourse Title
SES 494Special Topics
SES 598Special Topics
SES 692Research
SES 792Research