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Michael James

Polytechnic Sch EGR Prgrms
Faculty Assoc
Faculty, POLY Campus, Mailcode 2180

Innovative aerospace certification Technical Fellow and engine health management professional with broad control systems, software, certification, requirements, validation, verification and field implementation experience.  Responsible for assuring delivery of safe, reliable turbine engine control systems compliant with FAA safety assurance regulations.  Pioneered the initial PC, engine control and web-based implementations of trend monitoring for Honeywell Aerospace propulsion engines.


·         Over 33 years customer and field experience in propulsion systems and engine trend monitoring.

·         Vice Chairman for the SAE E-32 Propulsion Systems Health Management Committee.

·         FAA certification compliance of component, Airborne Electronic Hardware and Software systems.

·         Expert in RTCA DO178B/C, DO254 and DO160 methodologies.

·         FAA Certification of control systems for EMI/HIRF/Lightning protection.

Ability to utilize both regulatory and technical leadership competencies to drive improved customer experiences and cost optimization with trend monitoring technologies.

Founder and patent holder of Shade-Max: An energy saving mounting system for solar shade screens.  ASU Poly Engineering Capstone project validated up to 66% heat reduction for sun struck windows. [ ]

Currently mentoring as a Faculty Assistance, 8 engineering Capstone teams and Teaching Honors course Design for the Developing World.







FAA Designated Engineering Certification Engineers for more than 20 years.

BSME, The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC


Spring 2020
Course NumberCourse Title
EGR 402Professional Design Project II
Fall 2019
Course NumberCourse Title
EGR 401Professional Design Project I
Spring 2019
Course NumberCourse Title
EGR 402Professional Design Project II
Fall 2018
Course NumberCourse Title
EGR 401Professional Design Project I
Spring 2018
Course NumberCourse Title
EGR 402Professional Design Project II
Fall 2017
Course NumberCourse Title
EGR 401Professional Design Project I
Spring 2017
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EGR 402Professional Design Project II
Fall 2016
Course NumberCourse Title
EGR 401Professional Design Project I
Industry Positions: 

Founder, patent Holder, Shade-Max Sun Screen Mounting System

SHADE-MAX received a patent in September 2015 and was developed to combat high heat infiltration into east/south and western facing windows.

  • Developer of the Patented SHADE-MAX screen mounting system which reduces inside window temperatures up to 25 degrees resulting in up to 66% reduction in window heat load (As verified by Arizona State University Capstone program).
  • Developer of SHADE-GRABBER which greatly improves screen retention, minimizing screen damage during storms. All while allowing more ambient light to enter the home without the added heat.
  • Hundreds of hours of testing and design work have resulted in the SHADE-MAX screen mounting system. Shade-Max reducuces customer carbon footprints, saving money, and uses recycled materials in our products.
  • More information can be found at

Honeywell Aerospace                                                                                                                                        Phoenix, AZ

Engineering Technical Fellow Certification and Airworthiness

·         DER leader for AS900 control systems FAA certification efforts.

·         Developed innovative TT2 sensor severe Icing alternate means of compliance.

·         Co-developed a model based approach for EMI/HIRF/Lightning system reconciliation.

·         Review, manage and prioritize certification compliance documents (up to 50/month).

·         Currently mentor and peer coach 3 members of the Certification and airworthiness organization.


Propulsion and APU Systems Trend Monitoring Engineer

·         Vice Chair of E-32 Propulsions Systems Health Monitoring Committee.

·         Key contributor and developer of SAE ARP5987 – Establishing Software Assurance Levels for Engine Health Management Systems Utilized for Maintenance Credit.

·         Developed and certified the first HW engine control system incorporating trend monitoring.

·         Designed, developed, qualified and implemented a PC based ECTM software.

·         Inventor/developer of HW “E-Engine” as a web-based management of ECTM and APU trend data


Propulsion Engineering Controls Engineer and Manager

·         Responsible for service revealed difficulties group for TFE731 and ATF3 engine programs.

·         Investigated and discovered RCCA for blade fracture that affected ATF3 customer production.

·         Extensive field troubleshooting experience for  Business jet fleets (Bombardier, Dassault, Cessna, CASA, BAE Systems)

·         Full time TQM and TQ speed facilitator and successfully assisted over 50 teams resolve issues.


Scientific Monitoring (SMI) – Career Highlights                                                                                              Scottsdale , AZ

·         Business Director for IRAD projects with USAF.

·         Program management of SMI ICEMS/ITREND equipment monitoring products.

·         Managed and developed controls laboratory at WPAFB for control system research

·         Secured a 1 million dollar project working with HW Albuquerque in for Future Combat Systems battle readiness algorithms.

Pro Bono: 

Technical Advisor: Amor Ministries

Amor brings people together to provide global transformational experiences that manifest the justice, kindness, and humility of Jesus Christ. As a Technical Advisor of the AMOR Commissioneers, I am able to utilize my 19 years of experience with AMOR building houses and establishing Christian fellowship to assist AMOR in the development of this great ministry around the world. In addition, 35 years in the aerospace industry has given me the skills of program management, problem resolution and clear and concise communication. Current projects include a volunteer site in Puerto Penasco and a Cultural/Training center with the Maasai in Kenya. I am blessed to be part of this ministry.