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Laura Hosman

Assistant Professor
Faculty, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 5603
Asst Professor
Faculty, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 5603
Senior Sustainability Scientist
Faculty, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 5603

With an emphasis on action-oriented, in-the-field work, Laura Hosman’s research focuses on the role for information and communications technology (ICT) in developing countries, particularly in terms of its potential effects on socio-cultural factors, human development, and economic growth. Presently, she is focusing on ICT-in-education projects, as well as the role of Public-Private Partnerships in bringing technology to the developing world.

Professor Hosman brings her passion for experiential learning to her teaching by leading real-world focused, project-based courses, and by employing experiential learning whenever possible in her traditional courses. A recent project involving students saw the development and deployment of the “Solar Computer Lab in a Box” in the Federated States of Micronesia. Building off of lessons learned, her current project involves students in the design, creation, and deployment of an all-in-one solar-powered digital library kit, the SolarSPELL (Solar Powered Educational Learning Library), which has already been deployed to over 100 primary schools in remote locations across the Pacific Islands.

She writes a blog, ICT4D Views from the Field about her fieldwork experiences and project-based work.

Professor Hosman has received multiple awards for both teaching and research. She has held prior academic positions at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), Illinois Institute of Technology, the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Southern California (USC). 

She has carried out fieldwork in the Federated States of Micronesia, Haiti, Macedonia, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Senegal, the Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Vanuatu, Samoa, and Tonga. Her research has been supported by grants from USAID, Google, the Internet Society, The Information Society Innovation Fund for Asia, The Pacific Telecommunications Council, the National Science Foundation the University of North Carolina McDowell Research Center for Global IT Management, and Association for Information Systems (AIS)-Microsoft Unlimited Potential. Her research has been published in Information Technology for Development, Review of Policy Research, Perspectives on Global Development and Technology, Information Technology for International Development, International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics, and Journal of Business Systems Governance and Ethics, among others.

  • Ph.D. Political Economy and Public Policy, University of Southern California (USC) 
  • M.A. Economics, University of Southern California (USC) 
  • M.A. International Relations, University of Amsterdam, earned while studying on a Fulbright Scholarship.
SolarSPELL collage

TEDx Talk: Technology for Development: No Shortcuts
Research Interests

Information and Communications Technology (ICT); International Development; ICT4D; Experiential Learning; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Team-Based, Project-Based Learning; Quality of Life; Public Policy; Natural Resources / Environment; Renewable Energy/Solar Energy; Public-Private Partnerships; Technology in Education; Telecommunications; International Relations; International Political Economy 

Spring 2018
Course NumberCourse Title
EGR 317Humanitarian Eng Project II
HON 394Special Topics
EGR 598Special Topics
Fall 2017
Course NumberCourse Title
HON 498Pro-Seminar
GTD 501Global Tech and Development
Spring 2017
Course NumberCourse Title
EGR 317Humanitarian Eng Project II
HON 394Special Topics
Fall 2016
Course NumberCourse Title
FIS 201Innovation in Society