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Diana Diaz Gomez

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Teaching Assistant, Spanish
Graduate Assistant/Associate, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 0202
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Graduate Student
Liberal Arts & Sciences


Diana is a native from the state of Guerrero (Mexico). She was born in the city of Chilpancingo (Guerrero), located in the southern part of the country with an incredible cultural and culinary variety. She started appreciating the cultural differences in her childhood and foster curiosity for diversity. It is after this curiosity when she became interested in literature. As a woman who grew up in a land with a very traditional mexican ideology, Diana felt the necessity of studying women role in current society in order to find the equality in the society. She truly believes in sharing her passion with her students and her teaching philosophy reflects her activism.

  • MA in Foreign Languages and Cultures, Washignton State University, 2014-2016.
  • BS in Accountancy, Instituto Tecnológico de Chilpancingo, Guerrero, México. 2006-2010
  • Certificate of Studies in English, Instituto de Estudios superiores Windsor, A.C., Guerrero, México. 2006-2010.
  • Graded examination in Spoken English - Grade 6 (B1.2 of the CERF and Entry 3of the NQF in England) – May 2008 – Passed with Distinction.
  • Graded examination in Spoken English - Grade 9 Level 1 Certificate in ESOL International (Speaking and Listening) (B2.3 of the CERF)- June 2010– Passed with Distinction. 
Research Interests

Latin American Films, XX Century to date.

Feminism and women writers.

Mexican Cinema.

Brazilian Cinema.

Queer Studies.

Chicano Studies.

Spring 2018
Course NumberCourse Title
SPA 201Intermediate Spanish
Fall 2017
Course NumberCourse Title
SPA 111Fundamentals of Spanish
Summer 2017
Course NumberCourse Title
SPA 202Intermediate Spanish
Spring 2017
Course NumberCourse Title
SPA 201Intermediate Spanish
Fall 2016
Course NumberCourse Title
SPA 101Elementary Spanish