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Benjamin Trumble

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Assistant Professor
Faculty, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 2402
Asst Professor
Faculty, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 2402
Assistant Professor
Faculty, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 2402

Benjamin Trumble is an assistant professor in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change and affiliated faculty in the Center for Evolution and Medicine.

His work focuses on field and laboratory analyses of hormone-behavior interactions, specifically the relationship among reproductive hormones, immune function, behavior, environment and the implications this has for human health and life histories.

Formerly a postdoctoral scholar at the University of California, Santa Barbara, he has conducted research in collaboration with the Tsimane Health and Life History Project, the UC Santa Barbara Human Biology and Biodemography Lab, University of Washington Biological Anthropology and Biodemography Lab, the Broom Center for Demography and Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology.

  • Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Washington 2012
  • M.A. Anthropology, University of Washington 2009
  • B.A. Anthropology and Psychology, University of California-Santa Barbara 2006
Research Interests

Trumble's research focuses on how environmental conditions like parasites, pathogens, food availability, and social interactions impact human health.

Taking an evolutionary life history perspective, he uses field and laboratory studies to understand variation in human endocrine systems, and how this influences chronic health conditions like benign prostatic hyperplasia, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s dementia.


(2016) Associations between men's testosterone and immune function in a pathogenically stressed forager-horticultural population. Trumble, B.C., Blackwell, A., Stieglitz, J., Emery Thompson, M., Maldonado Suarez, I., Kaplan, H., Gurven, M.  American Journal of Physical Anthropology.


(2016).  An epigenetic age analysis of race/ethnicity, gender and coronary heart disease addresses several paradoxes surrounding mortality. Horvath, S., Gurven, M., Levine, M.E., Trumble, B.C, Kaplan, H., Allayee, H., Ritz, B.R., Chen, B., Lu, A., Sun, D., Berenson, G.S., Li, S., Chen, W., Tsao, P., Absher, D., Assimes, T.  Genome Biology.


(2016) Costs of reproduction and maternal depletion in a high fertility and mortality population. Gurven, M., Costa, M., Trumble, BC, Stieglitz, J., Beheim, B.†, Eid Rodriguez, D., Hooper, P.L., Kaplan, H. Nature Scientific Reports


(2016).  High resting metabolic rate among Amazonian forager-horticulturalists experiencing high pathogen burden.  Gurven M, Trumble BC, Stieglitz J, Yetish G, Cummings D, Blackwell AD, Beheim B, Kaplan H, Pontzer H.  American Journal of Physical            Anthropology.


(2016).  Immune Function in Amazonian Horticulturalists. Blackwell AD, Trumble BC, Maldonado Suarez I, Stieglitz J, Beheim B, Snodgrass JJ, Kaplan H, Gurven M.  Annals of Human Biology.


(2016).  No sex or age difference in dead-reckoning ability among Tsimane forager-horticulturalists. Trumble BC, Gaulin SJC, Dunbar MD, Kaplan H, Gurven M. Human Nature


(2015).  Helminth infection, fecundity, and age of first pregnancy in women. Blackwell AD, Tamayo MA, Beheim B, Trumble BC, Stieglitz J, Hooper PL, Martin M, Kaplan H, Gurven M.  Science.


(2015) Evolving the neuroendocrine physiology of human and primate cooperation and collective action. Trumble BC, Jaeggi A, Gurven M.  Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.


(2015).  Depression as sickness behavior? A test of the host defense hypothesis in a high pathogen population. Stieglitz J, Trumble BC, Emery Thompson M, Blackwell A, Kaplan H, Gurven M. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity.


(2015). Challenging the inevitability of age-related prostate enlargement: low levels of benign hyperplasia among Bolivian Amerindians. Trumble BC, Eid Rodriguez D, Cortez Linares E, Kaplan H, Gurven M.  Journal of Gerontology:  Medical Sciences


(2015).  Salivary oxytocin increases concurrent with testosterone and time away from home among returning Tsimane’ hunters. Jaeggi AJ*, Trumble BC*, Kaplan H, Gurven M.  Biology Letters.  *These Authors contributed equally


(2015). Masculine perspectives about family and work concurrently promote and inhibit men’s health behaviors. Snipes SA, Hayes-Constant TK, Trumble BC, Goodreau SM, Morrison DM, Shell-Duncan B, Pelman RS, O’Connor KA. International Journal of Men’s Health.


(2014).  Low mineral density of a weight-bearing bone among adult women in a high fertility population. Stieglitz J, Madimenos F, Beheim B, Trumble BC, Gurven M, Kaplan, H.  American Journal of Physical Anthropology.


(2014).  Testosterone and male cognitive performance in Tsimane forager-horticulturalists. Trumble BC, Stieglitz J, Emery Thompson M, Fuerstenberg E, Kaplan H, Gurven M.  American Journal of Human Biology.


(2014). Work to live and live to work: Productivity, transfers, and psychological well-being in adulthood and old age. Stieglitz J, Jaeggi A, Blackwell A, Trumble BC, Gurven M, Kaplan H. In: Weinstein, M., and Lane, M. (eds.). Advances in bio- demography: cross-species comparisons of social environments and social behaviors, and their effects on health and longevity. National Academy Press.


(2014).  Political influence in an egalitarian society associates with lower cortisol but not lower disease burden.  Von Rueden C, Trumble BC, Blackwell AD, Stieglitz J, Kaplan H, Gurven M. Evolution Medicine and Public Health.


(2014) Successful hunting increases testosterone and cortisol in a subsistence population. BC Trumble, EA Smith, KA O'Connor, H Kaplan, M Gurven.  Proceedings of the Royal Society B


(2013) Age-independent increases in male salivary testosterone during horticultural activity among Tsimane forager-farmers. BC Trumble, D Cummings, KA O'Connor, DJ Holman, EA Smith,  H Kaplan, M Gurven, Evolution and Human Behavior 


(2012) Physical competition increases testosterone among Amazonian forager-horticulturalists: a test of the “challenge hypothesis”. BC Trumble, D Cummings, C von Rueden, KA O'Connor, EA Smith, M Gurven, H Kaplan.  Proceedings of the Royal Society B


(2011) The effects of a long term psychosocial stress on reproductive indicators in the baboon. KA O'Connor, E Brindle, J Shofer, BC Trumble, JD Aranda, K Rice, M Tater.  American Journal of Physical Anthropology


(2010) Responsiveness of the reproductive axis to a single missed evening meal in young adult males. BC Trumble, E Brindle, K Kupsik, KA O'Connor.  American Journal of Human Biology


(2009) Progesterone and ovulation across the stages of the transition to menopause. KA O'Connor, R Ferrell, E Brindle, BC Trumble, J Shofer, DJ Holman, M Weinstein.  Menopause

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