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Miriam Mara

Associate Professor
Faculty, WEST Campus, Mailcode 2151

Miriam Mara investigates contemporary Irish literature and film. In particular, her work examines the fiction of Nuala O'Faolain and Colum McCann. Her second research stream includes research in health humanities and medical rhetoric. She spent the 2016-2017 academic year as a Fulbright Scholar collecting research and teaching in Kenya. She is an associate professor in the School of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies in the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University.  



Mara, Miriam. Globalism and Gendering Cancer: Tracking the Trope of Oncogenic Women from the US to Kenya. Routledge, 2020.

Refereed Book Chapters

Mara, Miriam. “Bras, Bros, and Colons: How Even the Mayo Clinic Gets it Wrong Gendering Cancer” Interrogating Gendered Pathologies Eds Michele Eble and Erin Frost. Utah State UP, June 2020.

---. “The Political Ecology of Food and Hunger (1950 to the Present)” Cambridge History of Irish Literature and the Environment ed Malcolm Sen. Cambridge UP, forthcoming August 2020.

---. “Food, Hunger, and Irish Identity: Self-Starvation in Colum McCann’s ‘Hunger Strike’ ” Food and Literature Ed. Gitalanji Shahali. Cambridge Critical Concepts Series. Cambridge UP. 2018. 319-334.

---. "Counterpart's Clashing Cultures: Navigating Among Print, Printing, and Oral Narratives in Turn of the Century Dublin" Rethinking Mobility, Paralysis, and Identity in Dubliners.  Eds Claire A. Culleton and Ellen Scheible. Palgrave Macmillan, 2017. 145-159.

Mara, Andrew & Mara, Miriam. “Ethnography as Rhetorical XA Research Aggregator” Rhetoric and Experience Architecture, eds. Michael Salvo and Liza Potts. Parlor Press, 2017. 184-196. First author indicates primary contributor.

Mara, Miriam O’Kane & Bach, Rebecca Oster. “Seeking the Future in Fishing the Sloe Black River” This Side of Brightness: Essays on the Fiction of Colum McCann. Eds Eoin Flannery & Susan Cahill. Oxford: Peter Lang Publishing, 2012. 9-28. First author indicates primary contributor, second author graduate student.

Mara, Andrew & Mara, Miriam. “Irish Identification as Exigence: A Self-Service Case Study for Producing User Documentation.” Computer-Mediated Communication across Cultures: International Interactions in Online Environments. Eds Kirk St. Amant & Sigrid Kelsey. Hershey, PA: IGI Global, 2012. 173-186. First author indicates primary contributor.

Mara, Miriam. “Almost There: The Search for Global Irishness in Nuala O’Faolain” Redefinitions of Irish Identity in the Twenty-First Century: A Postnational Approach. Eds Irene Gilsenan Nordin and Carmen Zamorano Llena. Oxford: Peter Lang Publishing, November 2010. 63-84.

---. “Reading the Landscape for Clues: Environment in Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha.” Out of the Earth: Ecocritical Readings of Irish Texts. Ed Christine Cusick. Cork: Cork UP, June 3, 2010. 178-188.

---. “The Geography of Body: Borders in Edna O’Brien’s Down By the River and Colum McCann’s ‘Sisters.’” The Current Debate About the Irish Literary Canon. Ed. Helen Thompson. Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 2006. 311-330.

Refereed Journal Articles

Mara, Miriam & Mara, Andrew. “Blending Humanistic and Rhetorical Analysis to Locate Gendered Dimensions of Kenyan Medical Practitioner Attitudes about Cancer” Technical Communication Quarterly (TCQ). eds Richard Johnson Sheehan and Elizabeth Angeli. 27:1, 2018. 93-107.  First author indicates primary contributor.

Mara, Miriam & Mara, Andrew. "Ireland on the Waves: Colum McCann's Transatlantic as Intergenerational Female Immram" Nordic Irish Studies, 14, 2015, 19-36. Equal author contribution.  

Mara, Miriam. “PostTiger, Posthuman: Cyborg Irish Identity in The Dead Republic.” Midwest Quarterly LVI, 3, Spring 2015272-287.    

Mara, Miriam, Andrew Mara, and Heather Steinmann. “North Dakota State University’s Hybrid Technical Communication PhD,” Programmatic Perspectives, 7, 1, Spring 2015, . First author indicates primary contributor.

Mara, Miriam. “Mundane Doubles: Anorexia in the short fiction of Anne Enright and Colum McCann.” New Hibernia Review 18:1. Spring 2014.,120-135.

---. “Nuala O’Faolain: New Departures in Textual and Genetic Criticism.” Irish Studies Review 21:3August 2013. 342-352.

Mara, Miriam & Brooks, Kevin. “Translating health care: Stories from refugees, providers, and friends” Rhetoric, Professional Communication, & Globalization. 3:1, Dec 2012. 58-73. First author indicates primary contributor.

Mara, Miriam & Mara, Andrew “The Efficacy of Faculty Student Interaction within Faculty-In-Residence.”  Innovative Higher Education 36:2, April, 201171-82. Equal author contribution. 

Mara, Miriam.“ Just this Once: Urban Ireland in Film.” Irish Studies Review 18:4November 2010. 427-438.

Mara, Miriam. “Spreading the (Dis)ease: Gardasil and the Gendering of HPV.” Feminist Formations (formerly National Women’s Studies Association Journal), 22:2 September, 2010. 124-143.

---. “James Joyce and the Politics of Food” New Hibernia Review 13:4, Winter 2009. 94-110.

---. “Reproductive Cancer: Female Autonomy and Border Crossing in Medical Discourse and Fiction.” Irish Studies Review, 17:4 Nov, 2009. 467-483.

---. (Re)producing Identity & Creating Famine in Nuala O’Faolain’s My Dream of You.” Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction, 48:2 Heldref Publications, 2007. 197-216.

---.  “Sucking the Empire Dry: Colonial Critique in The Mystery of Edwin Drood.” Dickens Studies Annual Vol 32, New York: AMS Press, 2003. 233-246.

Invited Publications

Mara, Miriam. “Mundane Doubles: Anorexia in the short fiction of Anne Enright and Colum McCann.” “Anne Enright (1962- ).” Contemporary Literary Criticism. Ed. Lawrence J. Trudeau. Vol. 407. Detroit: Gale, Cengage Learning, 2017. Prod. Layman Poupard. 122-134. Reprint.

---. “Sucking the Empire Dry: Colonial Critique in The Mystery of Edwin Drood.” Global Dickens eds John O. Jordan and Nirshan Perera. London: Ashgate, July 2012. Reprint.

Refereed Proceedings

 Mara, Andrew & Mara, Miriam. “Capturing Social Value in UX Projects” SIGDOC '15: Proceedings of the 26th Annual International Conference on Design of Communication. Limerick, ACM Press, 2015. Equal author contribution. 


Mara, Miriam. Review of Laying Out the Bones: Death and Dying in the Modern Irish Novel. Bridget English. Syracuse University Press, 2016 for New Hibernia Review 22:1 (Spring 2018) 157-158.

---. Review of The Literature of Northern Ireland: Spectral Borderlands. Maureen E. Ruprecht Fadem. Palgrave Macmillan, 2015 for Irish Studies Review 25.4 (November 2017). 536-538.

---. Location, Location, Location. Review of Prodigals and Geniuses: The Writers and Artists of Dublin’s Baggotonia Brendan Lynch. Dublin: The Liffey Press, 2011 for Irish Literary Supplement. (October 2013).

---. Hungry Words: Images of Famine in the Irish Canon Eds George Cusack and Sarah Goss. Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2006 for New Hibernia Review 11:4 (Winter 2007) 157-8.

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