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Jada Lindblom

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Community Resources/Developmnt
Grad Research Assistant
Graduate Assistant/Associate, DTPHX Campus, Mailcode 4020
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Graduate Student
Community Resources and Development
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Jada Lindblom is a third year doctoral student in the School of Community Resources and Development and a research assistant at the Center for Sustainable Tourism. She received her bachelor of arts degree in Environmental Studies from Scripps College and went on to work several years as an outdoor guide and educator in Alaska, Hawaii, and other western states. She completed her Master of Science degree in Parks, Recreation and Tourism in 2013 at the University of Utah, focusing on Sustainable Tourism. She has broad experience working in the nonprofit sector, including leading environmental education programs, managing a legal education association, and promoting the preservation and adaptive use of historic buildings. Her rural New England upbringing has continually inspired and informed her interests in conservation, land use planning, and place attachment. Jada's current interests focus on the effects of tourism on place identity and pride in post-war, post-conflict, and post-disaster regions.