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Shanshan Yang

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Manager + Assistant Research Scientist
Academic Prof w/Admin Appt, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 5001

Dr. Shanshan Yang is Manager- Bioinformatics CORE Facility Biodesign Institution at Arizona State University.

Bioinformatics Core Service Activities:

•Consultation on sequencing, bioinformatics & experimental design

•Targeted Sequencing

•RNA-Sequencing: standard, novel transcripts/isoforms identification

•Dual RNAseq for both host and pathogen

•Denovo Assembly and Annotation


•Whole Genome Re-sequencing


•Machine Learning for personalized medicine (e.g. biomarker discovery, clinical trial research, electronic health records)

•Power Analysis

•Small RNA and miRNA profiling and discovery

•Gene fusion, CNV and structure variants detection

•Cell-free DNA sequencing analysis

Her main job is to lead bioinformatic and statistical consulting and analysis of Next-Generation Sequencing, Omics and other systems-level data. She has participated in collaborations with both internal and external researches. Dr. Yang received her Ph.D. degree at Texas A&M University of quantitative genetics and genomics. Her postdoc work was to provide service at The Computational Biology Service Unit at Cornell University.

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