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Gabriel Acevedo

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Assistant Professor
Faculty, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 1401

Gabriel T. Acevedo (Gabe) is an Assistant Professor in English Education in the English Department at Arizona State University. His identities as a Latinx, Bilingual, and Queer educator in Puerto Rico and the United States inform his research. He utilizes critical and social justice frameworks, along with qualitative methodologies, to interact with and understand the world around him. Acevedo is fascinated by the expansive possibilities that diversity and social issues bring to conversations in the classroom, especially in English Language Arts and Teacher Preparation. He is ever curious to understand how such conversations help in attempts to make sense of each other, as teachers, and as students. In his teaching and research, Dr. Acevedo seeks to advocate for positive change among educators. 

Gabe was born and raised in Puerto Rico. He did his Bachelor's in English Secondary & Elementary Education with Multimedia Technology and a minor in Theater at the University of Puerto Rico - Aguadilla Campus. Also, he did his Master's in English Education at the University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez Campus. He taught English Language Arts, English as a Second Language and Theater in elementary and secondary levels while also addressing significant social issues with his students. He got his Doctoral degree at Penn State University in Curriculum & Instruction - Language, Culture, & Society. His dissertation explored masculinity, machismo, and sexual identity in gay teachers in Puerto Rico and how those identities intersect with their teaching. 

Acevedo prides himself on having interdisciplinary interests when it comes to teaching and research. He has done work in Teacher Education, Second Language Acquisition, Bilingualism, Queer Studies, Pop-Culture, Multimodal Literacies, Masculinity Studies, and others. He places all of these interests under the bigger umbrella of education as well as utilizing pedagogical lenses and experiences in order to bring tools into the classroom and expand on much-needed conversations about class, gender, sexuality, teaching practices, and more.


Ph.D. Curriculum & Instruction - Language, Culture & Society, The Pennsylvania State University 2020

M.A. English Education, The University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez, 2017

B.A. English Education Secondary & Elementary with Multimedia Technology, The University of Puerto Rico Aguadilla 2010

Research Interests: 

ELA Teacher Preparation

Queer Young Adult Literature

Autoethnography and Qualitative Methods

Masculinity/Machismo in Puerto Rico

Latinx Queer Representation in Multimodal Texts



Acevedo, G. (2020). “Gringo or Rican or Just Me” Critical Storytelling Book Series: Critical Storytelling: Multilingual Immigrants in the United States. [Forthcoming]

Acevedo, G. (2020). “Mister yo no sabía que tú eras gay”: A story about being a gay teacher in Puerto Rico. Cruce MagazinePride Edition. [Forthcoming]

Acevedo, G. (2016). Discovering your own LGBTQ voice: A Look at Queer Subtexts within Children’s and Young Adult Literature. [Master’s Thesis]


Research Activity: 

Gay Teachers Narrative Inquiry Research Study in Puerto Rico (4/1/2019-12/15/2019)

Queer and Latinx Children's and Young Adult Participatory Writing Program in Liceo Aguadillano in Puerto Rico (8/1/2013-12/15/17)

MayaWest Writing Project at The University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez Assistant and E-Anthology Editor (6/1/2014-7/15/2016)

Spring 2022
Course NumberCourse Title
ENG 540Tchng Young Adult Literature
ENG 606Adv Studies in English Educ
Spring 2021
Course NumberCourse Title
ENG 482Methods of Teaching: Language
ENG 540Tchng Young Adult Literature
Fall 2020
Course NumberCourse Title
ENG 482Methods of Teaching: Language
ENG 540Tchng Young Adult Literature

Co-Editor, MayaWest Writing Project E-Anthology, The University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez (2014-2016).

Professional Associations: 

American Educational Research Association, National Council of Teacher of English, Literacy Research Association, Puerto Rico Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association, National Writing Project, and MayaWest Writing Project