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Eric Viney

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Academic Success Advs Coord
University Staff, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 3005

I have been involved with higher education advising and college athletics my entire professional career. My academic career has included jobs in admissions, academic advising, retention specialist as well as teaching sport management, physical education, and leadership courses.  The challenge of assisting unrefined young adults to achieve their greatest goals with their athletic and academic careers has always given me great career fulfillment and a passion to always want to continue providing those types of experiences to others.

The opportunity to work with Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering/Management students here at ASU has been a wonderful experience.  Being able to increase the FYS retention of our department (SSEBE) by 6% since 2015 has been a fulfilling task.  I have also enjoyed the challenge of constructing a new version of ASU 101 for our freshmen students by developing a new format that moved the course from a 15-week model with limited student excitement by the end to a 7-week model with a higher level of student engagement.

No matter if it is in an academic or athletic situation, I cherish the opportunity to help develop people around me.


Bachelor's of Science in Sport Management.  Minor in Marketing. The Defiance College (OH)

Master's of Science in Sport Pedagogy.  North Dakota State University

Research Interests: 

Team Cohesion in Sport

Sport Psychology/Performance

Fall 2019
Course NumberCourse Title
CON 294Special Topics
CEE 294Special Topics
Fall 2018
Course NumberCourse Title
CON 294Special Topics
CEE 294Special Topics