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Atota Halkiyo

PhD student and graduate research assistant
Graduate Assistant/Associate, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 1811
Student Information:
Graduate Student
Educational Policy and Evaluation
MaryLouFulton Teachers College



Atota Halkiyo is a doctoral candidate in Education Policy and Evaluation at Arizona State University. Halkiyo uses mixed methods to study his primary research interest: enhancing equity of higher education for all students, particularly for those who are from international and underrepresented backgrounds. He envisions doing so by studying and removing possible systemic learning barriers from curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and learning environment to make education more responsive to learners’ differences.

Halkiyo taught and worked in Ethiopia, where he was also a principal investigator of the research project entitled “Engendering Higher Education Curricula”. While in the U.S., Halkiyo participated on research project “Pushing Students Away: Developing a Research Agenda for Broadening Participation of African Americans in Engineering and Computer Science”. Halkiyo is currently engaged a research project entitled “Perceptions of higher education expectations, experiences and trajectories among African students educated in Ghana and the U.S.: A longitudinal comparative study”. 

Atota is also a Fulbright-Hays Fellow, conducting his dissertation research on education policy transfer in Ethiopia.