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Christian Dwyer

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Associate Professor
Faculty, TEMPE Campus, Mailcode 1504

Associate Professor Christian Dwyer is an electron microscopist with backgrounds in scattering and condensed-matter physics. He obtained his doctorate at the University of Cambridge, U.K., in 2004, and worked in academic/research institutes in England, Australia and Germany before coming to Arizona State University in August 2015. In his research, Dwyer uses electron microscopes to understand how materials work at the nanometer and atomic lengths scales. He studies materials such as emerging 2D electronic materials, as well as more traditional materials like alloys and nanoparticles which are important for manufacturing and energy generation. A large part of Dwyer's research also focuses on developing new ways of using electron microscopes to reveal previously-inaccessible information. Dwyer's research is intrinsically multidisciplinary, involving methods from theoretical physics, experimental physics, materials science, and applied mathematics. 

  • Ph.D. Natural Sciences, Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge, U.K. 2004

  • BAppSci. Applied Physics (1st Class Honours), RMIT University 2000

Research Interests
  • Advanced electron microscopy and electron energy-loss spectroscopy
  • Elastic and inelastic electron interactions in solids
  • Low-dimensional materials
  • Interfaces in dielectric materials
  • Structure and energetics of precipitates in advanced alloys
  • Density functional-based modelling of materials
  • Electron-light interactions
  • Quantum coherence and classical limits of quantum systems

Book Chapters (2013-2017)

  • C. Dwyer. Atomic-resolution core-level spectroscopy in the scanning transmission electron microscope. Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics, P.W. Hawkes (ed.), Vol. 175 (2013), pp. 145--199, ISBN 9780124076709.


Refereed Journal Articles (2013-2017)

  • T. Sanders, C. Dwyer. Subsampling and inpainting approaches for electron tomography, Ultramicroscopy 182 (2017), 292--302.
  • C. Dwyer, T. Aoki, P. Rez, S.L.Y. Chang, T.C. Lovejoy, O.L. Krivanek. Localized signals in vibrational STEM-EELS, Microsc. Microanal. 23 S1 (2017), 1538--1539.
  • V. Migunov, C. Dwyer, C.B. Boothroyd, G. Pozzi, R.E. Dunin-Borkowski. Prospects for quantitative and time-resolved double and continuous exposure off-axis electron holography, Ultramicroscopy 178 (2017), 48--61.
  • C. Dwyer, T. Aoki, S.L.Y. Chang, P. Rez, T.C. Lovejoy, O.L. Krivanek. Electron-beam mapping of vibrational modes with nanometer spatial resolution, Phys. Rev. Lett. 117 (2016), 256101.
  • S.L.Y. Chang, A.S. Barnard, C. Dwyer, C.B. Boothroyd, R. Hocking, E. Osawa, R.J. Nicholls. Counting vacancies and nitrogen-vacancy centers in detonation nanodiamond, Nanoscale 8 (2016), 10548--10552
  • S.L.Y. Chang, C. Dwyer, J. Bartel, C.B. Boothroyd, R.E. Dunin-Borkowski. Performance of a direct detection camera for off-axis electron holography, Ultramicroscopy 161 (2016), 90--97.
  • C. Dwyer. Multidisciplinary approach to nanostructure determination, Microsc. Microanal. 22 S3 (2016), 1426--1427.
  • S.L.Y. Chang, A.S. Barnard, C. Dwyer, C. Boothroyd, E. Osawa, R.J. Nicholls. Surface and point defect measurements of detonation nanodiamond using combined Cs-Cc corrected TEM and ab initio calculations, Microsc. Microanal. 22 S3 (2016), 1392--1393.
  • Y. Zhu, R.L. Withers, L. Bourgeois, C. Dwyer, J. Etheridge. Direct mapping of Li-enabled octahedral tilt ordering and associated strain in nanostructured perovskites, Nature Materials 14 (2015), 1142--1149.
  • A.H. Tavabi, V. Migunov, C. Dwyer, R.E. Dunin-Borkowski, G. Pozzi. Tunable caustic phenomena in electron wavefields. Ultramicroscopy 157 (2015), 57--64.
  • C. Dwyer. The role of symmetry in the theory of inelastic high-energy electron scattering and its application to atomic-resolution core-loss imaging. Ultramicroscopy 151 (2015), 68--77.
  • C. Dwyer, C.B. Boothroyd, S.L.Y. Chang, R.E. Dunin-Borkowski. Three wave electron vortex lattices for measuring nanofields. Ultramicroscopy 148 (2015), 25--30.
  • H. Katz-Boon, M. Walsh, C. Dwyer, P. Mulvaney, A. Funston, J. Etheridge. Stability of crystal facets in gold nanorods. Nano Letters  15 (2015), 1635--1641.
  • M. Heidelmann, M. Heggen, C. Dwyer, M. Feuerbacher. A comprehensive model of metadislocation movement in Al13Co4. Scripta Materialia  98 (2015), 24--27.
  • S.L.Y. Chang, C. Dwyer, C.B. Boothroyd, R.E. Dunin-Borkowski. Optimising electron holography in the presence of partial coherence and instrument instabilities. Ultramicroscopy 151 (2015), 37--45.
  • Y.M. Zhu, M. Weyland, N.V. Medhekar, C. Dwyer, C.L. Mendis, K. Kono, J.F. Nie. On the prismatic precipitate planes in Mg-Ca-In alloys. Scripta Materialia 101 (2015), 16--19.
  • C. Dwyer. Localization of high-energy electron scattering from atomic vibrations. Phys. Rev. B 89 (2014), 054103.
  • C.J. Rossouw, C. Dwyer, H. Katz-Boon, J. Etheridge. Channelling contrast analysis of lattice images: Conditions for probe-insensitive STEM. Ultramicroscopy 136 (2014), 216--223.
  • H. Tan, Y. Zhu, C. Dwyer, H.L. Xin. Energy-loss- and thickness-dependent contrast in atomic-scale electron energy-loss spectroscopy. Phys. Rev. B 90 (2014), 214305.
  • H.L. Xin, C. Dwyer, D.A. Muller. Is there a Stobbs factor in atomic-resolution STEM-EELS mapping?. Ultramicroscopy 139 (2014), 38--46.
  • J.M. Rosalie, C. Dwyer, L. Bourgeois. On chemical order and interfacial segregation in gamma-prime (AlAg2) precipitates. Acta Materialia 69 (2014), 224--235.
  • S.L.Y. Chang, A. Singh, R.K. Hocking, C. Dwyer, L. Spiccia. Nanoscale structural disorder in manganese oxide particles embedded in Nafion. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (2014), 3730--3733.
  • Y. Zhu, C. Dwyer. Quantitative position-averaged K-, L-, and M-shell core-loss scattering in STEM. Microscopy and Microanalysis 20 (2014), 1070--1077.
  • H. Katz-Boon, C.J. Rossouw, C. Dwyer, J. Etheridge. Rapid measurement of nanoparticle thickness profiles. Ultramicroscopy 124 (2013), 61--70.
  • H. Kauko, C.L. Zheng, Y. Zhu, S. Glanvill, C. Dwyer, A.M. Munshi, B.O. Fimland, A.T.J. van Helvoort, J. Etheridge. Compositional analysis of GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures using quantitative HAADF STEM. Appl. Phys. Lett. 103 (2013), 232111.
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  • R.L. Withers, L. Bourgeois, A. Snashall, Y. Liu, L. Noren, C. Dwyer, J. Etheridge. Chessboard/diamond nano-structures and the A-site deficient, Li1/2-3x Nd1/2+xTiO3, defect perovskite solid solution. Chem. Mat. 25 (2013), 190--201.
  • Y. Zhu, A. Soukiassian, D.G. Schlom, D.A. Muller, C. Dwyer. Towards artifact-free atomic-resolution elemental mapping with electron energy-loss spectroscopy. Appl. Phys. Lett. 103 (2013), 141908.
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PHY 792Research
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PHY 252Physics III

​Seminars and Colloquia (2013-2017)

  • C. Dwyer. Electron phase measurement beyond the shot-noise limit. Mathematical Advances in Electron Microscopy, Oaxaca, Mexico (Oct 2017).
  • C. Dwyer. Vibrational EELS mapping at high spatial resolution. Microscopy and Microanalysis, St Louis, USA (Aug 2017).
  • C. Dwyer. Spatial resolution in vibrational STEM EELS, EDGE 2017, Okinawa, Japan (May 2017).
  • C. Dwyer. Scanning transmission electron microscopy for materials science. Department of Physics, Arizona State University, USA (April 2017).
  • C. Dwyer. Ultra-high energy resolution EELS research at ASU. Swift Workshop 2017, Vienna, Austria (March 2017).
  • C. Dwyer. Searching for vibrational signals at high spatial resolution, Nion Co., Kirkland, USA (Aug 2016).
  • C. Dwyer. Multidisciplinary approach to nanostructure determination. Microscopy and Microanalysis, Columbus, USA (July 2016).
  • C. Dwyer. Excitation of optical phonons using high-energy electrons. Interaction of Shaped Electron Wavefunctions with Light and Matter, Bad Honnef, Germany (June 2016).
  • C. Dwyer. Inelastic electron scattering in transmission electron microscopy. Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, USA (March 2016).
  • C. Dwyer, Transmission electron microscopy of nanomaterials - the current state of the art. University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA.
  • C. Dwyer. The physics behind the electron microscope: How we use matter waves to explore the nanoworld. ASU Physics Colloquium (Sep 2015).
  • C. Dwyer. Quantitative Aberration-Corrected Electron Microscopy - the State of the Art. Imperial College Department of Materials Colloquium, London, United Kingdom (May 2015).
  • C. Dwyer. The role of symmetry in the theory of inelastic electron scattering. Frontiers of Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopy, Vaals, Belgium (Apr 2015).
  • C. Dwyer. Spatial resolution in vibrational spectroscopy. SuperSTEM Microscope Inauguration, Daresbury, United Kingdom (Feb 2015).
  • C. Dwyer. Quantitative ADF-STEM and STEM-EELS at the atomic level. Congress of the International Union of Crystallography, Montreal, Canada (Aug 2014).
  • C. Dwyer. Structure determination using STEM imaging. Electron Crystallography Workshop, Cambridge, United Kingdom (Jul 2014).
  • C. Dwyer. Quantitative imaging. SuperSTEM Summer School, Daresbury, United Kingdom (Jul 2014).
  • C. Dwyer. Quantitative STEM and DFT for analysis of nanomaterials. International Conference on Electron Microscopy, New Delhi, India (Jul 2014).
  • C. Dwyer. Simulating core-loss scattering in the TEM/STEM. Workshop on Imaging and Modeling in Electron Microscopy, Banff, Canada (May 2014).
  • C. Dwyer. Quantitative aberration-corrected STEM. Workshop on Imaging and Spectroscopy in Advanced TEM Nasik, India (Jan 2014).
  • C. Dwyer. Symmetry and entanglement in inelastic electron scattering. Frontiers of Electron Microscopy in Materials Science, Lorne, Australia (Sep 2013).
  • Chair, ASU Physics Graduate Exam Committee, 2017--.

  • Chair, ASU Faculty Search Committee, 2016--2017.

  • Co-organizer, ASU Workshop on Aberration-Corrected Electron Microscopy 2016.

  • Member, ASU Steering Committee for John M.~Cowley Center for High-Resolution Electron Microscopy, 2015--.

  • Member, ASU Physics Graduate Exam Committee, 2016.

  • Member, ASU Physics Colloquia Committee, 2015--.